Heard great reviews on this thing. Running it through a quad core hp laptop. 4gb ram, no problems with speed. Sound quality absolutely sucks. I tried preset after preset and they mostly sound the same.

I can't believe I just spent $250 on this and pod farm. I'm trying to record myself playing and thought this would be the way to go but I guess not. More frustration and more money lost.

Maybe I should just invest in a tube amp and get some live recording equipment?

Or does anyone else here have the ux2 and pod farm that can give me some pointers? I can understand messing with settings but damn even the presets don't sound right. Why have a preset if it sounds like shit? I'm listening through $80 sony headphones as well...
Why would you EVER use a preset? If you're too lazy to tweak things a little but, you'd probably end up taking any tube amp back to the store asking why the damn thing didn't sound good out of the box.

FFS, those presets will sound like shit in the mix anyway. And if you don't have the patience to tweak POD Farm, I would really suggest you not even try to get into micing up live amps. Your brain would explode from the amount of trial and error involved.

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Yeah, I just got my UX2 a few days ago too. The presets ****ing suck. Ignore them. Try tweaking your own tone, after about half an hour I managed to get it sounding pretty decent for metal. Or you can download some custom-tones from the website, they're not bad starting points. What sort of music do you play? What sort of guitar do you have? Are you sure you have it all plugged in correctly?
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I'm not afraid of work, just worried. Why have a preset that sounds like shit? Why go through all that work to have something that doesn't sound right?

I guess that's my logic.
Thanks kennykenny.

I'm into metal, rock, and blues. Have a Jackson SL1 Soloist and a PRS Custom SE.
Everything is hooked up alright. I wondered if headphones made a difference but then realized I can listen to music on youtube and itunes and it sounds phenomenal when in .flac form, so it's definitely not the headphones.

I have a metal muff that I can put into my amp that adds plenty of distortion. I often put my headphones in the amp. I might as well use that. I just wanted something to record with...

Any experience with logic, reaper, ableton live, or reason?
I have no idea why they make them sound crap. Check out Autumn Awakens and Strange Disease on my profile. I recorded these on the day I got the UX2, and imo the tones I got are decent. Let me know if they're what you're after.
Most of my grindcore inspiration comes from my hard drive.
Just mess with the settings. I took me a long time but I finally got my Spider III to sound reasonably well...mind you I run into pedals before I go into that and I don't use any of the effects or presets on the Spider...
Are you using the designated headphone output on the UX2 itself? It's probably your amp ****ing your sound up. Just plug your headphones straight into the UX2. What software are you using? I use Ableton Live with the UX2, and it works like a dream.
Most of my grindcore inspiration comes from my hard drive.
yeah, the presets on podfarm are pretty crap. Also, when recording, I suggest using a VST cab simulator with one of CatharsisStudio's impulses.

Read this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1131250

and here are the cab impulses: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/631208/UG%20Amp%20Sim%20Tutorial/catharsis-awesometime-fredman.zip

Using a bit of tweaking, a cab VST and some EQing, you can get really bitchin tones out of podfarm, but it takes a while to get what you're looking for.
Most of the line 6 presets are usually pretty poor, but if you tweek them a bit you can usually get some decent tones! Just spend a little time tweeking, and I think you'll be a little bit more impressed