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Very cool tune. I liked every part of it except the intro (it sounded out of place with the blast and was a bit repetitive). The transitions were pretty much seamless and the solos were interesting and a bit out of the ordinary (which is a good thing). This actually reminds me of something I might have written sort of.
Good job.

Crit for crit?
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Really nice piece. Not my style at all but it was still very enjoyable. I really didn't like the intro, it had a very annoying sound to it - but maybe it's just the MIDI. The first part of the End Solo also felt like too much of a mess, though the rest is good.

The Transition was my favorite part.
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The Intro was great, or at least I thought it sounds fine, especially at bars 9-10. But if youre going to repeat it twice, I would probably change something, such as slow down the drums so that they dont do the blast beat for the first half and then the second half, get the blast back going

The Verse was nice in itself, but when you repeat its DYING to have one guitar play a harmony for the higher notes.

The Transition was great. I think it could be used more effectively, maybe by changing the drums but I cant describe it haha it was good anyways. I was thinking of maybe like a Sikth feel to it if used like that.

Intro Revised, I loved the guitar and drums, it was great. But I would love to hear bells instead of the bass doing those chords. You know like epic church bells? aha

The variation was nice, that last part was chrushing.

The Verse and Transition are the same here.

End Solo Part 1 was great actually with only the lead. But Part 2, seemed to need a rhythm guitar to back up the solo, possibly playing what the bass is already playing. Part 3 is the same way, or if not, have it at least be playing a harmony, thatd be pretty sweet. Basic Ending.

Good song, it was pretty fun to listen to, I give it an 8/10

Edit: Itd be nice if you could give this a listen:
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thanks for the crits! The intro I always had a bit of trouble with, I've always felt it could be better with different drums or bass. I really like the idea for bells on the intro revised parts though lol that would sound so heavy. also I wrote this song with only 1 guitarist in mind so I had to make some compromises that means no cool harmonies for guitar sadly.

ill crit your pieces in return shortly!
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Very nice solos and phrasing. The whole thing reminded me of a blend of Atheist and Voivod. I have nothing of my own to critique, so I'll leave it at that.