So the high e on my guitar snapped, so I ordered a new string, it came today and I put the string in and through the tuning post, I left it enough slack for windings and put my finger before the tuning post on the string and started to wind, the windings weren't tight to the tuning post though, they were far away from it. Can anyone help me? What am I doing wrong?
It's still not doing it, I'll be winding it round, then it just flings off, now my string is all wonky and bent and probably ****ed
You need to put tension on the string as you wind it for the windings to take. lol.

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Are you just shoving it into the hole and turning it? (That's what she said).

There's a certain way to do it to avoid slippage.
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Er, um, did you put the string through the bridge first? Then up the neck to the nut then through the tuning post? It sorta helps to anchor the other end before you try to tune it up. Yes, it's highly sarcastic, but you never said you did it first.
The way I've always done is to put it through the post, put my finger on the hole and push the string in the direction I want it to turn then hold the pressure on whilst winding until I get a turn on.
Done it, but the E string seems a little too low down, like it's going to fall out of the nut