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First non-metal content in a while. I think I'm going to combine my What Happened That Night project with my Electronica project to make something all-new to my writing. I'm innovating new things (at least things I've never tried before, I mean), or at least trying, each time I release new content.

This is a seemingly new style all together for me?

[10] Lyrics of the Living.gp5
[10] Lyrics of the Living.mid
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I like it a lot, its a really simple song but its catchy all the way through (even without vocals which i presume there will be. I remember that you had really catchy vocal lines in another song youve put up). Its definitely different, but its still good. The piano intro was great, the drums and bass in the verse are so simple but it really enhances that triple feel and sounds great. The only thing I see that seemed off to me was the lead in the verses. It was good most of the time but it seems like it just gets to be too much, specifically in the first verse. Just the fast parts in bars 19 and 21, they seemed out of place in my opinion. The lead in the chorus though was great. The lead over the second chorus was great too. I could also imagine that right after the bridge, the rhythm guitar leaves and the lead does a fast run that leads into a nice solo, it seems like that would be a great time for one. Great song, 9/10

Edit: Im sorry that there wasnt much I could crit, but itd be nice if you could give this a listen:
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