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This is the latest song ive been working on. Its post-hardcore with some Indie? influence to... not exactly sure.

Anyway C4C!!

and im not sure about keeping the solo or not.

All comments are thanked in advance
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Thanks for the comments on my song. I'm gonna be critting yours as I go along.

Intro- I like the chord progression it sounds really nice.

The part after that sounds a bit empty though.

The melodies for the lead are nice, but still it's kind of empty.

I love the build up kind of thing with the chords after that.

The Intro repeats.

The chords repeats.

Ooo a nice tempo change.

Loving the lead part during the tempo change.

It went to clean guitar. I think if the drums were a bit quieter around there it would sound better.

Nice use of the sound effect to transition to the chords.

A bit of an abrupt ending.

Pretty good song you've got. I'm not much of a fan of Post-Hardcore or Indie music, but you kept me interested in the song. The drum parts are good except for the clean part, as I said I think it would sound better with quieter drums there. The lead melodies are catchy, but at times can sound a little empty.
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this is not normally a genre i am much into but i loved this song.

the intro riff was really catchy and upbeat.
The transition from bar 16 to 17 i feel was a little too abrupt.
The breakdown thing with melody at bar 29 was so deadly. I loved it.
same that arpeggio type thing at bar 37.. great stuff.
I thought the solo was very tasteful and well done. fit the song perfectly.
something sounds off on bar 153 as well.
Otherwise great stuff.

check out my song
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thanks for the comments. Ill get to yalls songs in a bit when i get home. Yeah i kinda forgot to put an ending chord up but oh well and it still needs a few finishing touches
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In intro is nice, pretty catchy.

The riff at 17 is really good, love the change in rhythm on the drums too, however, it could really benefit from some harmonies, and a bit of variation would be nice.

The rhythm is good at 29, but I don't the lead is full or intense enough to match it.

I like the chorus, it would be good to see some harmony in the chords used.

Nice repetition of the intro again.

The change in bpm for the solo is good. The solo itself has some nice parts.
The ending to the solo is a bit anti-climactic imo.

The drums don't fit at all with the soft part, but the chords used are nice.

The outro is good, will be better when it's finished The two rhythm parts go out of sync?

Overall a good song, it just needs some finishing touches as you said.
The main thing for me though is that the lead and rhythm need separating a bit, they play the same thing too much, get some harmonies in their man!
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thanks for the crit

i like the intro progression its a nice breath of freth air from other generic core progressions
the part after that at bar 17 wasnt to my liking
bar 29 seems like its missing something as it feels kind of empty
the solo was good
bar 123 which i would call an interlude was nice
the outro i think could have been a bit better the note choice i mean

overall its quite good
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Intro is pretty nice. I like the chords, they sound great. Next riff is cool. Really catchy. The breakdown is pretty nice, but I don't care for the melody over it. It isn't bad, it just doesn't "catch me". Intro repeats, I don't really care for the chords that follow, but they hold the song together. Love the tempo change solo thing [=. Really epic. Acoustic part is good, and the "solo" that follows is catchy. Bar 153 is dissonant, I don't like that >_>.

Rather decent song, needs some more work though. 6.5/10.
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