Tbh, I'm not really sure if it's metalcore or not, but it has plenty o' breakdowns/beatdowns/chugs so what the hey.

Quite a lot of BTBAM influence, which probably shows.

I'm incredibly proud of the "chorus" I think I've finally managed to write something relatively "catchy" for once, without it being too generic. But I'll let you make your minds up on that one

Will gladly C4C and match your crit Just post a link with your reply

Cheers once again guys
-I like the bars 1-14 it gives it an awsome eerie feel
-17-20 are plaing but when the lead kicks in it is better
-i like the breakdown at 26-31, but perhaps use a different cymbal than the splash to add more definition
-44-49 i can definitly tell the btbam influence here and i like this part alot
-the breakdown is okay just plain
-bars 62-77 i really like how the lead takes control of the piece
- the riff afterwards is just very plain, not great but not bad
-the breakdown at 93 is really good, a nice headbanger
-98-101 sound like signature btbam chaoctiness and is good
-The outro sounds pretty good too

Overall 7.5/10 it was good but some parts seem to be lacking a little bit

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1368804
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The switch to acoustic at the end seemed a bit pointless and sort of killed the flow. But the time sig chaos from before was really really cool.
This song is pretty cool, pretty weird, but I like it. It's the kind of music that kids with short attention spans will want to listen to. I think you might have some trouble sticking to a specific key signatures; they're all over the place. That might be a good thing or bad thing. But the beginning just sounds awkward to me. There's also a lot of dissonance in here which might get annoying after a while. And I also agree about the splash cymbals in the breakdown. Some china in there would make the impact so much greater.

C4C? Take your pick:

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