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I just recently found out from my friend that the had found a 200cmx50xmx5cm piece of really old and nicely dried up wood, which has started to get some of the dry standing effect on it. So the wood has gone gray from the outside and look just amazing.

So our autumn break is coming soon, and we decided to spend the whole week building ourselves a few guitar bodies from the wood. My friend already has an idea what he wants, but I'm struggling with few different body shapes at the moment.

First idea was a telecaster, than came the idea of a telemaster and finally just simply making a les paul.

So I'm just trying to make up my mind between those three what to do. I've got the basic concept thought for the electronics etc.

It'll be something like this:
Humbuckers, with worn out chrome covers and modded for splitting
Both humbuckers fitted straight into the body, no pickuprings
basic telebridge with a strinh-trough
Master vol, tone, 3-way and a spin-a-split
Scale 25,5"
Old strat copy neck with 21 frets, the neck will be sanded and aged somehow
And all the hardware will be chrome, but aged and worn out

I'm open for more ideas and suggestions about the body shape etc.

PS. kelo = deadwood
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I'd say go for the tele or telemaster. LP just doesn't seem good for the whole aged look.
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Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the same. Just dumb the idea of an LP, because basicly I'll be trying to make the wood look the same as in this picture from the Amfisounds Routa Kelo guitar.

About the chrome parts I'm mainly thinking about sanding the parts randomly and the maybe lighting the in flames, just to see if that does anything special for the chrome.

So has anyone done any sort of experiments with burning guitar chrome parts, or what would be the best way to wore the parts out looking really old and maybe damaged.
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I think a torch would work good, maybe charcoal plus a very small amount of clear coat?

And Bareknuckle has their "Aged Nickel" pickup coverings, although I don't know if you wanted bareknuckles.


The Bareknuckles Aged Nickel is just the look for the pickup covers I'm trying to achieve. I would love to buy a set Bareknuckles, but on the other hand I want to learn how to mod pickups, and I've got a few spare pickups sets that can be sacrificed in the name of dumb-ass-mods and science.

So I just want to go with the set that I've got at the moment, and I'll be adding pictures as soon as possbile about the project.

Still I'm not certain about the body shape, the telemaster might have more possibilities for making countours and making a bit more rougher shapings, but a tele with tummy cuts and such, would also be neat.
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That Tiesco seriously has a strong vintage vibe. and it could seriously work.
Still not sure about the body shape. But I've already modded the pickups from 2-conductor pickups into 4-conductor, and the modding process went quite smootly, thanks to Invader Jims tutorial.

I also removed the pickup covers for the mod and scraped, and just seriously damaged the chrome in the cover and right now it's soaking in vinegar and salt with all of the other hardware parts.

Seriously at this point, if somebody notices that I'm ruining my hardware with my attempts to relic the looking into real gnarly and old, just say so. I wanna go as far as possible with the relicing process, looking to get all of the hardware looking like the bareknukle pickups aged nickle.
Okay, I've managed to pickup the hardware out of the vinegar and salt mixture, and managed to assemble the pickups back together.

Also first pics about the project start:

(Invalid img)
The neck pickup cover, sorry about the bad resolution. :/

The bridge pickup assembled, maybe needing some more relicing and beating up. The marks on the pickup aren't so visible as this picture shows, the cameras flash just tends to pop every little mark up.

Parts over the telemaster template. Pic.1

Parts over the telemaster template. Pic.2

The bridge.

The rest of the pictures can be found from here. Some more pics about the pickups.
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|T h i s|
| B i g |

Your pics=

| T H I S |
| B I G |

Edit: But it is looking nice so far.
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Sorry about that. I can scale them down a bit more.

Edit: I hope the size is a bit better now.
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Very nice ha. I can tell alot more now. I like the scratchy effects and I like the shape you chose. Always happy to see the more under-appreciated fender shapes getting some much-needed love.
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas

There will be more pictures coming at the end of the week, when me and my friend start making the body blanks, and hopefully also start shaping them also.
Okay, my friend finally showed up with the body woods, and a blow torch. After few beers the pickups covers started look a little too clean and new, and heres something that we ended up with.

Reliced and burned pickup cover pr0n <3

The bridge plate after relicing and some more burning. ^^

And finally the first pictures of the body wood that we're going to use.
Nothing.. their gonna be a part of the guitar. The cracks aren't all the way trough the wood. So it's all good.

PS. Way too drunk to answer anything intelligent.
But, what if the joint at the neck isn't very secure due to said cracks?
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
Yesterday was seriously an interesting day. We managed to glue and cut the bodies into shape, and here's some proof about it.

Telemaster pic 1. No need to worry about the cracks messing up wit the neck joint. ^^

Telemaster pic 2.

Telemaster pic 3.

Telemaster pic 4.

And here's also a few pictures of my friends telecaster body.

Telecaster pic 1.

Telecaster pic 2.

Now we still have to loads and loads of sanding, and where trying to find a planning machine from somewhere to make the top part of the guitar completely even. To make the routing a bit more easier and faster.

More to come soon.
metalwarrior has a planing jig that he uses with his router, basically just some rails that hold it up that he can move on two axis.

Other than that, looking good, these will be cool to see finished.


hmm.. the planning jig sounds like plan. Have look more into it.

Hopefully the body's will be ready during this week or next week. My friend is about to burn his telecaster with some old motor oil and a blowtorch, and after the burn scrup the surface with steel brush.

I'm waiting anxiously how the motor oil burning process will end up, because I'm just simply thinking oiling the body after some staining, sanding and leveling.
What are their names?
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
Today was a seriously busy day, and here's some pictures to prove it.

The must have shoe picture.

A close up picture of the body.

A close up of the pickup routes.

A close up of bridge humbucker and the bridge fitted in.

The beer belly cut.

The front bevel, at least some of it.

Also made a AANJ into the guitar. Sadly didn't have enough time to grap a picture of it. :/ Tomorrows agenda will be getting the neck bolted on and after that fixing up the bridge into the right place. Also making the routing for the electronics compartment, and hopefully after tomorrow I can start the finishing of the body and the neck, which will be both stained with an antique stain, and after that oiled.
are you going with pickup rings or wood mount? It'd be interesting if you could get some shitty old chrome ones and make them match the pickups or bridge, or maybe some wood ones from offcuts.

And plans for finishing? IMHO I think it would look cooler if it was a little darker and a little grungier, but the oil burning may take care of that. But would it just be clear or oil on that?


I am completely turned on by this guitar's balls.
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
Thanks guys.

The pickups will be wood mounted at this point. I would've loved to install some gnarly ass self made metal pickuprings, but unfortunately I don't have any metal working skills or any metal to work with. :/

About the finsh. I'll test it first with the antique stain, which looks something like this:

And this is the oil that I've been using on several project so far.

If that doesn't turn out to be dark enough, than I'll just go and get some gray stain do the guitar with it, and after that just simply some oil on top of that.

My friend did the burning to his telecaster body. I'll be adding some pictures also from his progress tonight. I've to admit that this telecaster is seriously starting to look sexy also, but in a bit different way than mine.
The body is complete.. still needs the staining and oiling, but still it's complete Some pictures from todays session.

The electronics compartment, had to route the rest of the compartment with a dremel. My router's max depth is something like 40mm, and the body is almost 50mm thick. Also the string ferules are showing, the two in the middle got a bit messed up. :/


All the necessary holes drilled.

Just a test with the neck in place.

I'll be staining and oiling the body on friday and hopefully I'll be assembling it the same night, but I'm guessing that I've to leave the electronics and such for saturday.
The body is now finally stained and I've applied to coats of oil into the body and the neck.

The back.

The front.

Close up of the front.

The body and the neck were oiled a few minutes before I took those pictures. Still need to apply at least two more coats of oil and than just start assembling the electronics.

But I encountered little problems today when I finally got through the electronics and assembling the guitar today. The neck pocket which is a at the moment 5/8 inches deep, isn't enough, so I've got to route the neck pocket again into 3/4. And I also decided to route the pickup holes also bit deeper.

Does anybody have any sort basic depth for pickup holes, when the pickups are directly mounted into the wood. At the moment if remember correct the pickup holes are in 1,4mm, which is a bit over half an inch.

Help would be appreciated. And I also had to make little changes into the electronics. I decided to ditch the master tone and now I just simply have master volume and separate spin splits for both pickus.
I manage to route the neck pocket 2mm lower, before my router broke down. BUT that doesn't mater because the Telemaster is ****ing ALIVE. Finally.

Some pics:

...and than the back.

I was seriously surprised when I finally plugged this baby into my home playing H&K amp. The guitar has a really thick basic sound. Thick in, I'm gonna bring down the wall kind of thick. But with the spin splits I can still get those nice twangy tele kind of sound out of the pickups.

I might be doing some sort of an short video demonstrating the guitar, or than just few short demos with different distortions etc. don't know yet.
You don't know? Lemme help you out then. You are

Awesome build, man. Keep it up.
Art is Vice. You don't marry it legitimately, you rape it...
-Edgar Degas
Thanks guys.

Yeah the rusty chrome pickup rings could be something that I could add later. And at this point I'm not going to but any sort of back cover into the guitar. I've been thinking about addind some sort of old worn out metal plate maybe, but that's for later.. and if I can find metal piece that would fit my purposes.

But for now I'll be looking into building a telecaster from the same woods.. It's actually my friends first attempt with his telecaster body that he decided to throw into the gutter, because he wasn't satisfied with the how the body dried up, and ended up having few cracks etc.. but imo they're all repairable.

I'll be starting a new thread for it soon.
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