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Dude, Just VSTi the shi- out of that and you got a hit song.
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Damn, that's cheesy. Again ninja techdeath. Seriously a bit over the line ! Reminds me from every techdeath band that goes over the line.
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This stuff is so hilarious sometimes...

And even though this is a "Parody" Ill still crit it.

Measures 6-14 are good, but the ascending alternate picking make it sound a bit off.

Transition to 19 was good, and 19 to 26 was awesome.

27-34 was awesome too, but Im hoping your just accenting the "Wank" aspect of some Tech Death.

Back to a familiar riff... And we break at 43. Transition doesn't sound right in MIDI IMO, but the riff that follows till 63 was great. Very nice.

Tech death solo.

But then back to that familiar riff. Change of pace at 91, with good themes at 95 and onward. The repeat doesn't make that section seem right though.

103 to 110 was good, and after has the same theme at 95 and onward, which is a good structure for it.

New solo/leads come in Till 135, and that sections good. The leads fit well.

135 to the end sounds a bit off, but Im using Tuxguitar, so thats probably the problem. Should sound great on a real instrument.

All in all, good piece, although I remember your last few being more Cheesy.

Did you ever comment on my "JazzDeath" piece in this forum? If you did, no C4C needed. If not, Ill revive the Tech Death thread and post it in there for awhile.
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I really don't see how this is hilarious or insanely over the top. I liked it though.
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Theres my song, But I don't think the Thread should be bumped, as its been dead for awhile. Give the C4C in this Thread or PM me or whatever.

The markers aren't lyrics, they merely tell what is occurring in the story. The might sound cliched ATM, but I really wouldn't know what else to put. If you have any ideas, tell me.