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19-26 is tight 23-24 i love that part especially..
the drums for the slow break down are cool but kind of repetitive..
solo is pretty good nothing amazing but still sounds ear worthy...
89-96 very epic sounding with the harmonies me like..
second solo is better, much better
146-153 ever listen to edguy?? awesome.
the outro break down could have been better. maybe more dissonant leads to add atmosphere

AWESOME though dude reminds me of Whitechapel alot I say 8.5/10

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Quote by patrickaumon
tabbing this in 3/4 is useless. it can easily fit 4/4

Of course it can, but it might be easier tabbing it in 3/4. You can pretty much fit anything in a 4/4.
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Quote by TooLz

the drums for the slow break down are cool but kind of repetitive..

Thanks for the review, man! I did a lot of copypaste with the drums. I get lazy with it. My drummer usually touches it up, so it'll probably sound better when he does that. I appreciate it a lot!
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Pretty basic Deathcore. 3 Guitarists are pretty much in my opinion. 3/4 works pretty well in deathcore :O.

-You could improve drumwork in the song.
-Fine solos.

I don't personally like deathcore so I won't give any number for this song.