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Been working on this for a month or two off and on. The opening riff I used in my band but we kind of scrapped the song. Not due it it sucking lol but i unno. Never went anywhere, yet anyways. So i figured I'd make a GP tune out of it.

I didn't bother with a bass so srry for that. The song is basically all death(core) metal-ish with a clean classical break near the middle.

Not 100% finish nor satisfied with it but I need some feedback. So C4C of course.
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Bar 32 to Bar 35 is absolute genius and imo ****ing epic and awesome good stuff!
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This is some really good stuff man. I'm loving the groove thats going on. Reminds me of Veil of Maya.

Bars 1 to 4 was a bit repetitive for me. I changed it to repeat once and it sounded great.
Bars 5 and 6 sounded a bit generic in my opinion, but its no big deal
Loving bars 26 through 31
The part at bar 68 is ****ing awesome.

Not much more to I say. I personally really liked it a lot! Also, the drums were really good throughout the song.
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Cheers for the crit on mine

I thought the intro went on for a bit too long. 2 repeats would've been fine. The piece seemed to get progressively better though, I think a more outstanding section should've happened after the first 4 bars though. It just seemed a bit generic I guess. Bars 26-35 are pretty cool though. I think maybe on the last 2 repeats of 32-35 there should've been some variation, dunno what you want to do though. Just something minor. The more chordy section at like bar 48 is quite sick, I just like the sound of it. Most of the transitions in the song work smoothly, but I thought it sounded a bit odd when the strings came in. It's a good section, but I think you could do moer with it still. The distortion came back in nicely. Bars 108-109 were sick. The break that came in at bar 114 works nicely too. I didn't really like how it ended though.

Pretty solid piece, but I think you could cut down on how many times you repeated some sections. Nice one.
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Hey thanks for the crit, I appreciate it.

The intro does go on for too long, if you have vocals on this song, itd sound if the vocals came in on the 2nd repeat. Also, I want a fan of that dissonant part in bar 2. Maybe it was a mistake, but if it was me, id keep it as just a regular harmony. The last 4 notes on track 3 dont really do it for me. However, i have no complaints with the next two parts. I didnt think t was too generic at all either. Except that breakdown hahah. I really liked the bar 52 section.

For that part at bar 60, its okay to repeat it 3 times, but the second two times, the drums should change to a different cymbal or pattern or something. The break at 66 was very pleasing! gooooooooood stuff. Also, i didnt think that last note was a good one to end on...maybe if it was a little higher. Oh well...good song anyways. Personally, I dont listen to too much dethcore stuff without some little touch of the artist in there, ala Wrath and Rapture, but the break was there for me to retain my interest. I guess its a great song in the genre though, just...not to my tastes.
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The intro has some questionable harmonies, such as in the last beat of Bar 2. I understand that your probably going for dissonance, but I don't know if it works in this case. That being said, Im not a fan of the intro sound anyway.

But, bars 5-12 are much more suited to my tastes, and I like what you've done there. The drone breakdown at 13-26 is good, and has a good sound to it. 26-30 follows the same, although bar 31 breaks the pace and doesn't quite fit. Abrupt would be a good word.

32-35 was great, and 36 to 39 was also. I don't know if Im a fan of the following sort of breakdown though. The transition in bars 51-52 could be better, as the next section just srt of "Happens". I do like the suspension in the following part though. Previously used riff follows, which adds structure, and the following 64 to 85 is very nice, but it drags on with itself a bit much.

Surprising, I wasn't a fan of 85-93. Next section has already been done, and transitions went well enough. More similar material until 114 and the outro, which I didn't mind, but didn't love. Grinding section till the end was nice, and I liked that, for some reason.

Cool piece, although its not all in my specific vector.