Hey again.

I've uploaded this song before, however, I have added quite a lot to it since and this is hopefully going to be the final draft as we are recording it soon so I thought I would get some last crit to make sure it is as good as it can be.

I've been working on synths for the disco section too, so we can finally live up to our genre

Had to upload a GP4 because for some reason the GP5 file is over the upload size limit but the GP4 isn't

Will C4C and match your crit, just post a link with your reply

Cheers guys
Thanx for your crit, here is mine.
Foreword : I'm french and have to improve my english...

General review :
I really like it. Lots of different atmospheres, catchy melodies, good structure. Some transitions are a little weird, but I only listened it twice, I'll be more specific in my detailed review. Vocals are missing, I'd like to listen to your song with them. Moreover, I think that some keyboards could really improve it.

Detailed review :

Introduction (mes. 1>16) :

Usually, I'm not a huge arpeggios-addict, but, because of its dissonant aspects, I really like this introduction.

17>32 :
Reminds me Prodigal son of Iron Maiden (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUsibOlkt-o, 30" to 40"), and as I'm a huge Maiden fan... I like this "groovy" bass line. The 23/24 break , which is back inthe 30/32 mes., is ok, but it's a bit too generic IMHO.

33 :
This is... different. Honnestly, I don't really understand what you did and why you did it. You should :
> delete it
> or make it longer

34>61 :
Groovy baby ! A little bit too long, but it's hard to tell without the vocal lines. I like the way you develop this simple/catchy melody.

62>65 :

Sorry, but I really don't like this part, I think it's pretty useless. But finding good transitions is my burden too, so I won't blame you

66>70 :
A little RATM-taste for this part. You could make it longer and, maybe, add some double bassdrum...

71>77 :
I like the transition, nothing unusual about your chord progression, but it's catchy enough.

77>95 :

My favorite part. I like the different drumming patterns, I like the progressive melodies and structure. Nice work.

96>104 :
Nice comeback to the previous part.

105>113 :
Sounds a little bit like DT from the Train of thought era. Heavy guitars, progressive structure, nice bass/drums lines. I approve this part.

114>125 :
Slow and heavy. Not as good as the previsous part IMO, but it should be really nice with agressive vocal lines. Like when Daniel, from Pain of Salvation, goes crazy...

126>132 :
Wait... What ? Didn't see that coming. I think I have to get use to it, but it"s a little bit too crazy for my ears. Once again, if you want to keep this part, make it longer. It's a new melody, listeners have to keep it in mind.

133> end

Well-composed transition, I like the way your song ends on the Maidenesque melody, people will remeber it once you unplugged your guitars.
The intro is very very interesting. The part where the rest of the music comes in is very very very cool. The melody under it is superb. But then transitional bits after it lacked a bit of cohesiveness. It just kinda got a bit random. Then a really cool riff came, then a nice harmony. 62-65 sounds very very familiar. The riff after that is pretty cool. the riff after that was cool(except for the c sharp) and the solo under it was was intense. Then the dom7 chords came in and that was pretty cool. Then another pretty interesting riff. The breakdown is pretty cool. Seems pretty hard to remember. Then the part after is very cool. But then the transition seems random and pretty out of place, then the thing after is cool. The transition after that is pretty sudden. I liked it, apart from when the transitions came around(I'm not a fan of the sudden transition stuff, for the most part).