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Probably an album outro.

An "against all odds" concept; facing certain death, loneliness, melancholy, and other fun stuff to brighten your day.

Length: 3:16
All is ghost in memory and poison in the sun
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Ok I listened, here's my views on it.

Intro: don't love the riff but don't hate it either. The riff that comes after that is ok, tremolo picking bit is good.
Verse: love this, the 2 guitars work very well together, clearly the standout part of the song imo
Chorus: Slightly on the plain side at the moment, but presumably is intended to have some vocals over it, so will will probably be good then. If stil needs something more after that I guess you could have another guitar doing another melody or soemthing else interesting
Solos: I like them

Overall good work, and seems to be quite well structured.
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I won't lie everything after the verse was epic and happy sounding. I dunno if you are trying to do this but your intro doesn't really match with the rest of the song, which sounds MUCH happier. But yeah this sounds VERY happy. Like it may as well be power metal not as much melodic death. And once if you are to add vocals to this it would sound even cooler. But yeah one can face their loneliness, a bad day, or w/e bad is up with them while listening to this song