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doing a report about them. i tried looking but only got a few(like 1 or 2 results)
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they frequently used vox ac30s. paul was a longtime user of hofner viola basses. George Harrison was fond of telecasters. john lennon played rickenbacker guitars alot but not exclusively.

id use wikipedia for a start. they have decent gear listings usually.
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There have been entire books written about this subject... if you can't find information then you're looking in the wrong places.

Let's begin:
Voc AC30s and AC100s
Rickenbacker 360 and 330s I believe
Hofner 500/1
A crimson LP named Lucy, from EC
Epiphone Casinos
Gretsch Duo jet
Ludwig drums (don't know too much about drums though)

And that's very quickly off the top of my head.

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George Harrison was fond of telecasters.

Not really, no, compared to other guitars like Rics and Gretschs.

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Holy crap, check this out!
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Epiphone Casinos dude. Recommended by 3/4 Beatles!

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Only one or two results? Seriously? Like seemeel said, there are books written on this subject. Hell, even wikipedia has an extensive catalog of who used what during what years.


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