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It is my firm belief that Echoes is greatest composition in popular music of the 20th century (obviously, Bad Romance is the greatest composition of the 21st ). Echoes is the pinnacle not only of Pink Floyd's creative and artistic ambitions and abilities, but also of all rock music and popular music period. It embodies a diverse emotional range in its lyrics and melodies, spanning depression, hope, fear, joy, and sorrow. The words themselves are poetic and beautifully written, and convey a multitude of different meanings and messages, depending on the interpretation of the listener. The music is surreal, crystalline, spooky, heavy, light, dark, bright, and much more. Even the genre of the song is ambiguous- while safely categorized as "progressive rock", it seems to toy with almost every musical development of the last fifty years- from rock to funk to psychedelia to classical to blues to avant garde. Amazingly, its complexity is its simplicity- the main tune is a three chord progression. It is musically dense without being bogged down by its own weight- a symphony of sound comes through as uniform and clear, perfectly blended together. It's dynamics are sharp but simultaneously avoid being obvious- the transition from groove to spacey sound effects in the middle section, and from spaciness back to melody towards the end, show amazing subtlety. Production wise, it is crisp and simmering. And, for a twenty three minute composition, it never bores or tires the listener, as each additional minute unveils a different and intriguing sonic or musical aspect. The manipulation of instrumentation, both conventional and unorthodox, as well as sound effects and studio production, illustrate a depth of artistic insight. Personally, I think the most astounding thing about this song is that it was written by a group of pretty boy rockers barely into their career, before they had even achieved their breakthrough success. The fact that they were able to turn out something like this, at such a young stage in their careers and lives, and pass it off as just another thing they had written (no biggie), just goes to show that something truly magic existed in that band.

So why am I ranting about this? Because I want to know if I'm really the only person in the world who thinks so. Most people who think of rock would quicker think of Layla or Bad to the Bone before this song. Most people who think of Pink Floyd would quicker think of Another Brick Part II before this song. It is not listed in any "Greatest" lists as far as I know...500 slots, and Rolling Stone couldn't fit it in. I understand that a song such as Like A Rolling Stone had a much larger impact on the world, or maybe something like Hey Jude was able to strike a chord with more people. Perhaps people just don't want to give such a long song a chance. But there is no way that, purely from an artistic or musical standpoint, that any of those songs or any other popular song that has much more recognition can top Echoes.

Well what do you think?
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it is an amazingly epic song
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Only Pink Floyd Thread there's a reason why it's there
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there are far too many songs, and too many genres, and too many people with opinions to say what actually is the greatest song of the 20th century. keep in mind, the 20th century started in 1900, and ended in 2000. think about how many songs, musical revolutions, new genres, etc happened/were recorded in those 100 years.
i agree it's an amazing song, truly amazing, but you cant say its the greatest song of the 20th century, there are waaaaaayyy too many equally good songs from not only that era but from the whole century. so if i were you i wouldnt post much about what song is the greatest, cuz there's no such thing. also, are you kidding about Bad Romance? just wondering...
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of course i was lol. and I agree with you that it's too tough of a job to pick the best song of a century. Hell, I can't even pick my favorite band. I just experience something new emotionally every time I hear that song.
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It is a good song. As said above, there is a thread devoted to pink floyd.
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^^Yeah, I don't know why I left this one open.

P.S. - Echoes is one of my favorite songs ever.


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