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just curious, i wanted to know how you all think the seats on the upper deck straight to the side are? really wanting to go but can only afford tickets in that area. its says somethinglike "seats may have obstructed view"
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the "obstructed view" will be things flying about like inflatable pigs or spacemen at some point (thats what he did on the last tour, it was EPIC!!!!!!) but it adds to the atmosphere and the show.
also there's usually a cable running right down the middle of the auditorium so that he can have light shows etc. it's really nothing to worry about, just go, you'll love it. i'd go to this current tour but tickets in the UK sold out in like 12 minutes and i was at work so the only way to get em now is ebay and i can't afford that route.
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GO. Don't think twice about it- the tour is absolutely incredible. Hands down the best show I've ever seen, and it's probably the most impressive show that's ever been staged on an international level from a visual and technical standpoint. Beyond that, Roger and the band couldn't be doing a better job.
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is this the tour for The Wall? I saw DSOTM in 2006 or whenever it was at Hyde Park and that was ****ing amazing
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I had watched it and its really amazing and i think its the best show i had ever seen.