Hey all!

This is the piece I submitted as my major composition for my Year 12 High School Certificate. It was sent in a couple months ago as a conductor's score, along with a 37 page process diary and MP3 playback, but I'd still really like to get some feedback on what's likeable or can be altered about it - any feedback is welcome, so tear it apart!

Please drop a link in your reply if you'd like me to critique any of your work - original recordings, GP files, covers, poetry - and I'll get on it as soon as possible (if I don't within two days, spam me with PMs; I'll get the message!). As always, the more detail you give me, the more I give you.

Spoiler: I planned to extend the solo section between the piano solo and 17/8 redux, but both the time-limit of our excerpts - 4 minutes tops from memory - and the time i had left to complete it stopped me - bah!

Sneezing Seesaws printable.gp4
Sneezing Seesaws printable.gp5
Sneezing Seesaws printable.mid
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wild, strange, and complicated. Sir I love this composition. When and if you post an mp3 version of this song let me know.
Year 12.... Have you finished all your exams? I've got two more next week then I'm done.

Lookin' at your song.

edit: I've got chem and engineering next week.

I'll do a crit tonight. As for your C4C, just do whatever you think is fair, based on what I write.

Good luck in physics.
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thelordofcarkch: Thanks for the feedback - glad you like it! I'm hoping to get some VSTs installed within the coming months, and I'll be recording the bass, guitars and maybe keys at a friend house a couple months too. It'll be a long while before this is made into a proper recording, but I'll be sure to PM you once it's done. Many thanks again

Julz127: I've got one to go - the dreaded Physics! I've just gotten my aural paper for music done yesterday, so I've got a week to cram in what I can for my last exam. What have you got left, and how have you found the papers so far?
Looking forward to the critique! Is there any song in particular in your thread you'd like me to critique, or should I divide myself up on each of them? I'm up for whatever you'd prefer.
PS: If you like, just edit your original post to reply: I wouldn't want us to bump unnecessarily or come off as rude to other posters!

EDIT: Whenever you've got the time champ - study and school's more important! Kick some major butt in your next two exams, and be sure to let me know how they go - engineering sounds like it'd be beastly. Thanks for the well-wishes, and I'll get around to plotting some critique for your thread. =]
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holy shii...thats wonderful i love the timings and the amount of instruments and the solos and the pop slapping guitar haha.. Cant exactly give a professional review since ive only been playing for 2 years and havent had any music school training but for my personal taste this was just ****ing great.
Deviates from the norm and creates a lovely atmosphere if youd record it id buy it immidiately i love it. I have nothing bad to say about it
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Sounds like something off of Theme Hospital. Musically this is way WAY WAY above anything I know so I can't offer much musical criticism unfortunately. However I can say it sounded cool as and the time sigs flowed very naturally.
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

MY GOD !!!! :O This is possibly one of the best things I've seen here. The Transitions are natural and not forced, the instruments compliment each other, and most of all, It flows as one piece despite being in odd time signatures.

Throughout this piece, there seems to be a subtle groove in each of the instruments, and they all seem contribute to this groove. If you took out just one of the instruments it wouldn't be the same piece. I also admire the technicality of each instrument That bass tapping back is amazing, as is the guitar. Again the rhythm of both contribute to this 'groove' I was talking about, and its this that has the listener smiling and tapping their feet.

I wouldn't change anything about this. One other essential part of this song, is that it feels 'Complete' Keep on writing, as I look forward to hearing you other stuff