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I'm so glad I clicked this link - this is wonderful!

I love the free-time feel throughout, and the constant interplay and counterpoint between both hands. I've been wanting to try something with counterpoint for a while now, so this'll definitely be a good inspiration for starting out.
The note choice is excellent, and the inclusion of expressive techniques and textures was fantastic - before listening, I checked the left hand track and knew I was in for a treat. There's enough variety in the chord approaches to maintain interest throughout, but the themes and motifs are clearly established enough to give a sense of unity and direction. I've got to point out again, I LOVE the note choice throughout, and the subtle sub-modulations were a great touch. You've definitely captured the concept and sound you were going for, I'll say!
My only complaint is the length, which threw me and my smile off-guard I really hope you expand on this.

If you don't mind me asking, do you play piano yourself? If so, how long and what sort of training do you have? I'd love to learn to play and write short pieces like this, so any input or advice you have would be great. =]

If you have a minute to spare, could you please pass on a crit on my piece, 'Sneezing Seesaws'? I'm adding it to the sig now, so it should be there by the time you get a chance to see this. Many thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

EDIT: Control Panel's not working, so here's a link, sorry

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Hey, Thanks Man

Tbh I dont actually play piano that well my main instrument is guitar, but I sometimes dabble with Piano and I really enjoy it, and am thinking of taking up lessons. I wrote this and a few other of my piano things using stuff I know from guitar, i.e. chord voicings and scales, and as for the free flow feel, I just add a lot of triplets (Or you could use other 'lets e.g. quintuplets, septuplets) in, which gives it the loose feel. For the left hand, I just tried to make it compliment the right hand in that, I would fill in the gaps, and provide a subtle yet interesting rhythm whilst the right hand is playing Basically, I know nothing when it comes down to it

And yeah, Im definately planning to work on this I might even work it so that when it re-enters, I might have a few strings and other such instruments

And Ill crit your piece now Thanks very much for the crit

Edit: A tip for the left hand - Make it so that its interesting in that it compliments the piece, yet not too technical in that it overshadows the right hand and the melody which can cause it too sound quite messy. Instead try and find a mix of both A trick I use is to listen to the left hand on its own, and if it could pass as a song on its own and is not too boring then its fine.
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