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So after finishing up the kelowood Telemaster I decided to finish up telecaster that my friend started, but decided to discard, because in his opinion the body required too much sanding etc. to be made into a good guitar body. So I decided to save telecaster body from the trash bin, and make it into a one heck of telecaster.

This time the process will be a bit longer because of the fact that I've got to buy some of the stuff that I'll be needing. I've already bought a neck with tuners, bolts etc. and I've also bought an old Seymour Duncan neck pickup. I don't have a single clue what duncan Telecaster pickup it should be, but I'll be pleased if it just works. For the bridge I bought a Tesla VR-TE bridge model, which has moderately high output for telecaster single coil.

I'll be starting this project sometime during the weekend, so hopefulyl I get something done and be able to post some pictures.

And specs so far:
Seymour Duncan single coil in the neck with worn out chrome cover
Tesla VR-TE in the bridge
25,5" scale
basic strat/tele bridge
Vol, Tone and 4-way tele switch
All the hardware will be even more worn out than the last time. ;P
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The telecaster will be finished the same way I finished my Telemaster. So basicly a slight grey stain and than just three to four layers of oil on top of that.

I can assure you that the hardware won't be just slightly relic'd. ;D I just got myself a new gas cartridge for my blow torch.

4-way switch for the fact that I want to be able get a humbucer sound out of the tele. But for a little sad fact I couldn't find a tele 4-way switch for a reasonable price so I've got to figure out a way to switch the phasing one of the single coils. So I can have those humbucker combined into one powerful humbucker if I want to.

Probably something similar like one of the seymour duncans wiring diagrams that has a basic 3-way switch plus a possibility to change the phasing of the bridge pickup, but I'm not sure which of the pickups phasing I should change to get the best sounding humbucker.
Sorry i'm a tele noob but i thought a tele's wiring was.

POS1: Neck single
POS2: Both in parrallel
POS3: Bridge single

Although i did see a cool 52' reissue tele which was wired like this

POS1: Neck (tone control bypassed)
POS2: Neck (normal)
POS3: Bridge (normal)

If you left it in between 2 and 3 it would be both in parrallel though. Pretty cool.
That's right, that is the basic tele wiring, but with a 4-way switch it would go..

POS1: Neck single
POS2: Both in parrallel
POS3: Both in series (humbucker)
POS4: Bridge single

So basicly now that I couldn't find a 4-way switch, I've got to come up with a bit different way to get that humbucker sound.
that or a mini switch would be the only other way.

And lets hope this one comes out as awesome and rugged as the other one.


I found out a nice little diagram for what I'm about to do. ^^ Basic telecaster wiring, but I'll be just adding a mini switch that by-passes the basic 3-way switch, when the pickups are but into series.

And this will be as rugged as the last one that I'll promise. Just have to get the neck and the pickups during this week so I can really start working on the body on the weekend.

And there will be another telemaster build for one of my bandmates, or at least I'll be building him the body. Unfortunately it might not be made out kelowood, but atleast I'm hoping to get some decent kelowood for that body too.
That's true, but I decided to give up on the real authentic reliced look right after I got the first pickup cover done.

The changing of the colors on all of the chrome parts is kind of hypnotic, but still not disturbing, because you've got to be quite close to observe all of the different colors that can be seen in the chrome parts. But I'm just glad how old and trashed the parts look. Without looking total over kill.
I may dabble with something to this effect as well
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Hmmmm, I love this. I'm doing a tele build myself that's gonna be relicd. Definately gonna look at your humbucker idea!!! Never thought of that I'm thinking a push/pull on the volume for it. Awesome idea!!!

For slight relicing you should just use the little sand paper and than into the vinegar, salt, mixture bowl method, it works like charm. And if you want to make the relicing go a bit further, just leave the parts on towel or something for another day without any rinsing.

The tele single coils in series humbucker. It's quite an old mod for teles imo. It's usually done by just chancing the 3-way switch into a 4-way switch and altering the neck pickups chrome covers ground. But I'll be going for the so-called miniswitch edition.
Okay, just learned something that I won't do ever again. Tried to disassemble the telecasters neck pickup, to start the aging process on the covet. I gently tried to remove the cover from the pickup and ended up cutting few copper wires inside the cover. :/

And that's that. Gotta start looking out for a new neck pickup. Goddammit...
I actually tried finding the break point by unwinding some of the coper wiring, but the pickup had been waxed like it should, so after a few attempts I ended up having nothing more than little bits of the coper wiring, cause the wax was so stiff. :/
Managed to get something done today, finally. Sanded down the body, did some contours on the body, fixed my router and routed the neck pocket a bit too deep.

So next time's agenda will routing the pickup cavities and also doing a little additional piece into the neck pocket so I can get neck in the right hight. Accidentally did the routing by my telemasters necks measurement. :/ But oh well, shit happens.

Body front.

Body back.

The contours.
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I finally got the time, to continue with the telecaster. Fixed the neck pocket, and also made AANJ, and now some pics for proof.

The AANJ, with some interesting neck bolt holders(don't remember the correct term). I'm going to insert those holders even more inside the body with some dremel work.

The front after some more sanding. Next times agenda will be attaching the neck, and than just making all of the necessary holes for the pickups etc.

The back of the body at this point.
^Very nice bushings (...but that's no AANJ) They really make the primitive vibe come out, and they look hella sturdy. I really love these junky looking guitars you're making, and I just know I'm going to be doing it too someday.
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Yeah I know that it's not a aanj on a traditional ibanez kind a way, but it sure makes playing on the higher frets a hell-a-lot easier. And yes.. bushings was the word that I was looking for..

I happened to found the bushings from my parents garages random box, which had all sorts old metal pieces etc..
Managed to get even more done today. I Routed the pickup cavities, drilled almost all of the necessary holes, and started routing out the electronics compartment.

Body from the front.

Body from the front, with some of the burned and worn out parts that I'm going to be using on this project.

Body from the back.

Hopefully I can finish the body during the weekend.
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Is that the result of the same distressing process as you used on the Telemaster?
This time I didn't do the vinegar + salt treatment. I only quickly sanded the parts, and than made some more deeper marks with a dremel, and after that I spent 60 ****ing minutes outside in -10 celsius burning the parts with a blow torch.

I tried to get as much as possible different colors on the metal parts, but all in good fashion, so nothing stands out too much etc.
ALMOST Done. I need to go and buy a new soldering iron, cause my 40 years old keeps melting all the smaller none metallic parts into something not worth mentioning.

But I still had to take some pics to prove that I've actually done something. ;D

I only have to solder a new mini-switch in there and than I'm done. Cause at this point I only got the humbucker sound out of the pickups(which sounded awesome btw), but I still want to get the basic tele sounds also out of the pickups.
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I've used the FR nut before in my metalFlying V, I'm not sure imo it gives the strings a bit more brighter sound than a regular bone or graphite nut. Of course it would wonderful if I would have the money to buy earvana or graph tech nuts for all of my guitars.

And in this case the metal FR nut + the maple fretboard. <3
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