I've been done with this for a while, I just didn't want to post it without having proper titles (which I have now done :P). This is the 3rd EP finished in a grouping of similar songs (the other two should be in my signature).

1 - Float - Short intro track, started this maybe a couple back and never really figured I'd use it, but I fixed it up instead (added some delay, changed up the last part so it sounded sort of finished instead of an incomplete idea).
2 - I/O - This one's a lot of fun to play, the solo is one of the favourites out of all the solos I've written.
3 - <-> - Another short track, and I think when I started it I knew it wouldn't be a full song. I might do a part II and expand on it later.
4 - DNB - I just used the working title for this song (I named it dnb because it was influenced by Drum n Bass, it's pretty simple).
5 - Pulse - I actually just added on the intro sound after I had the idea for the song name, I don't think a sawtooth makes a good heart rate monitor though.

Anyways, just listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Edit: I should probably include the file! Duh!

Second edit: Looks like I didn't upload the second EP here, probably because I'm still trying to figure out the name of one of the songs...... -_-
EP III - Electronic.zip
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