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I laugh at the people who say "It’s from china, it must be crap". It’s likely many have never played recent Chinese copies and have no basis to form an opinion, so they spout off what someone else said. These fake guitars are built in similar if not same factories by the same if not similar Chinese workers with the same if not similar techniques. It’s possible it could be on par with the legitimate imported instruments.

My final thought, Gibson’s quality has been going through the grinder for a long time, terrible sloppy fit and finish on many of their guitars, who knows maybe the Chinese fakes could turn out to be better guitars eventually? To really combat the counterfeit guitar business, the only real way to do it would be to drop the ludicrous price of some new instruments and up the quality. Western manufacturers whack on ridiculous premiums on instruments and put them out of reach of mere mortals.

I had a friend that bought an evh kramer guitar from someone. We later found out it was fake, but it actually wasn't that bad...

The neck was fast and smooth, the guitar sounded awesome and looked really cool with the white and black stripes. The only thing that sucked was the floating bridge. It was the most pos bridge ive seen!

Also in my opinion Gibson sucks! Their stuff is overated and overpriced. I had another friend that had a gibson sg and he dropped it from his bed and his neck snapped. I dropped my Jackson and Cort guitars and I haven't broke anything yet!
Just saw a banner ad here at the top of UG for

Does this mean we can't hate them any more???
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Just saw a banner ad here at the top of UG for

Does this mean we can't hate them any more???

That means you got cookies or something on your pc :p

I once was linked to that site, too.
Suddenly, Ad' everywhere *_*
A friend of mine has a Replica Les Paul from China. I was actually surprised at how nice it is. I mean it is by no means a nice as a Gibson but I would put it up against most Ephiphone Les Paul (I have several of those) in appearance. It stays in tune and sounds nice.

As for the bad: I believe the body is basswood (not mahogany) and the "quilted maple top" is paper thin (probably paper to be honest). The tone controls don't do much controlling (very limited change in tone). The finish scratches kind of easy too but all and all probably worth the $300 he paid for it, maybe?!?!?!?
I think people here are confusing replicas for counterfeits.

What tradetang has are counterfeits, what Tokai, Agiles and Burney are, are replicas.
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Tradetang is infamous for the ole bait and switch....

These dealers target idiots who would rather have a fancy name on a headstock...rather than a generic instrument that plays well.
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my mate bought an ibanez jem for 300 bucks,its obviously a fake but its 1 kick ass guitar,he bought thru seller on ebay
Well the funny thing is more and more magazines and websites point out what the Chinese are not doing correct which only makes them fix it that much faster. When this really started making waves 3 years ago Gibson was the main target, and not being all that sharp on Gibson guitars as I was a die hard Fender player for 30 years who has gotten into EBMM big the last 5 years.

Anyway my friend that owns the guitar store I hang in asked me to keep an eye out for a Frampton Les Paul while I was in the middle of a big GAS attack and roaming Ebay nightly. I came across one in a week that was clean in the price range he was looking for went to the store pulled it off Ebay and it took all of 1 minute for him to tell me it was a fake. Now this was being sold buy a regular US seller who had over 400 good transactions. The odd thing was I posted it on the Fender Forum as we were all talking about it and when I contacted the seller to tell him he was selling a fake he seemed more worried what forums his selling name was on then he supposedly got duped for a good amount of money, in which he said it looked so good he was just going to hang it on his wall. Okay he had the wrong guy as I knew that he knew what he was selling all along by his actions...

About 5months ago I was in the store and we were talking fakes and my friend asked me if I wanted to see one since some kid who knew what he had brought it in for repairs. I am going to be honest the guitar was made pretty well ,had good fret work and a nice Blue Burst quilt finish. Now if the Chinese can turn something out like this for $300 of which they still have to turn a profit what the hell could the build price point be $150?

I am dead against Asian counterfeits as this is not the 70s when they were copying guitars but had a different name on the headstock this is straight up counterfeiting of which many guys have gotten burnt on and will continue to do so. For some reason I have talked to famous company brand execs as high as CEO's who really just seem powerless to do anything. Forget all this nonsense of the law getting involved over a single guitar or two as a trailer or tankers worth is the only thing going to perk there interest.

The biggest offender I find in all of this is PayPal and I cant see how no one else does not see it either. PayPal is there money life line as almost all transactions are done with it, do you think Paypal would get involved with a company selling counterfeit US currence say $20 for every $100, hell no as the Feds would be kicking in there doors and they would be listed as part of the conspiracy. Yet when you analyze it that is exactly what they are=roll that around your heads awhile.

maybe you should visit this link.I found a great deal of classic guitars with reasonable prices in this Chinese shopping website.
I also found the guitar you have mentioned in I don't think that Chinese wholesale site you spoke of in your article has a lot enough nice guitars as this site in my link does.
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yeah it should be fine is it is a bidded item w/ 9 days left so the price will probably jump like its a$$ is catchin by the 21st or 22nd but its seems to be fine the dealer's stuff checks out too. over 3600 items sold and a 99.8% feedback is an overall great seller go ahead and bid if you wish. Its an LTD too so it wouldn't be as much as the ESP model. 200-300$ is the range for those (LTD Alexi-200) i believe that the 600s are 500-700 and the ESPs are expensive as all hell
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Hey you, look at this previous post I just quoted.

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Tradetang is infamous for the ole bait and switch....

These dealers target idiots who would rather have a fancy name on a headstock...rather than a generic instrument that plays well.

Even if a guitar looks good off tradetang, you probs wont get the copy that you asked for
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Oh, and for resonance . . . smack an open A chord and hold the body and see if it vibrates like a middle-aged woman's best friend.
Yeah sticky this.

I went so far to register because I came here and found what I was looking for right away.

I have been a dedicated Ibanez customer since 1983. I like my old Westones but Ibanez always drags me back.

I was in Korea with the army a few years back and bought a Epiphone Les Paul. Beautiful instrument and it plays very very well. I love it. My friend who owns the music shop said it was a very expensive instrument and he has been there for 35 years. I love it.

Epiphone makes beautiful guitars. Ibanez makes awesome guitars. Someone mentioned there is a difference between lisenced and counterfeit.

This needs a sticky!
Well my bad, thank you for educating me sir =)

And thank you for welcoming me to UG. Long time reader of the main site first time to forums.
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I didn't even bother reading all the posts, as people like this make me sick, not everybody can afford overpriced Gibsons and ESP, even though I own original ESP's and Gibsons I also own one or two fakes, and have to say for the price they are extremely good value!
Put it this way the Gibson Les Paul slash AFD FAKE! plays a lot better than my genuine epiphone Les Paul
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Put it this way the Gibson Les Paul slash AFD FAKE! plays a lot better than my genuine epiphone Les Paul

epiphone makes les paul copies too sharpie. so compare two copies?

gibson makes les pauls. compare them to that.
A friend of mine owns an lp copy thats made in China.
Quality it is not. Cheap it also was not. I bought it for em! Turns out its made by some fake lp making company called ibanez. plays great, sounds good, but they ****ed the finish up something fierce.
don't buy it before you play it thats what I say now I've had shitty guitars that i paid 1,000 and 1,200 usd for. And I've had a couple that I really liked that I paid only 300-400 usd. NEVER PURCHASE A GUITAR BASED ON THE WAY IT LOOKS OR JUST BECAUSE IT HAS A LONG LIST OF PRO FEATURES ALWAYS PLAY BEFORE YOU BUY. If you have to pay a few hundred more than you wanted to you will still be better off and happier with the guitar that fits you right and you are comfortable with.A lot of things come into play trying to find the right guitar but it always comes down to comfort, your personal preferences, and playability.
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Let's start with pic #1, the body. First and probably most obviously, is the missing pickguard. Granted a lot of people do this for aesthetics, but no mention is made of it, and it sure as hell shipped with it if it's real. The second hint is the finish - Most Les Paul Customs of this variety, from what I can find, unless vintage, seem to be plain-top. This is probably just an optional thing though, so not a huge thing. On the other hand, the finish is. The inside of the burst is much darker than any cherryburst LP Custom I can dig up.

That's about all I can pick up, so let's go on to the neck. The inlay actually seems like it'd look nice, but I can't find a single Les Paul Custom that has a floral vine inlay. It's either a one-off, which even in China wouldn't just be $368.82, or it's a fake. With the only real detail photos can tell of the neck gone through, let's move on to the real telltale giveaway for this pantomime, the headstock.

The headstock on this guitar is egregious. There is not a single Gibson Les Paul Custom I can find that has a golden truss rod cover, or that silly circular inlay instead of the diamond inlay. Moreover, the tuners are lookalikes of Grover Kidney Beans, not the more angular Sperzels our genuine model shows off. The rest of the guitar is passable, if suspicious, but this just kills any illusion it has to a real guitar.

I'm sorry to kind of ruin your scrutinizing remarks on this gibson, but this is actually a real model. It is the Les Paul Ultima, with quilted top and tree of life inlay. It can be seen right here: I don't know that you could definitely call this a fake. The only difference are the tuners, but other than that, has all the same features.

EDIT: the only difference is the tuners and the color of the pickup mounts and pots.
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Don't understand why anyone would buy a knockoff knowingly. If its from a cheap site and the guitar costs little money then its going to be shit.

Just save up the money and buy a decent guitar.
how about buying a non-knockoff chinese guitar? anyone buy from etc? sounds like some are ok guitars, others not... would be good to see a list of "they're only $300 but well worth it" chinese guitars... I know some china instruments are fine, others are junk, would help to know the difference. i'm thrilled with my ibanez though, so maybe I'll just stick with name brand ones.

still it's tempting:

I mean under $300 including shipping, some may be ok? anyone with Experience (not just opinions lol), who's bought these?
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so im trying to sell my guitar so i can afford to buy a new one, but it doesnt have a serial number and when i search its brand I cant find anything . It says Fullerton on the head, not Fender. Its dark blue and looks like a stratocaster to me. someone help please
Legit, just wrong name. It's a V-401DX. I'm sure there will be a good amount of bidding on it before the auction ends.
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You realize the price can go up by hundreds of dollars in the last few seconds alone, right?

It's not that big of a deal to see something listed for even a dollar as an opening bid.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
I have to say i've had a chance to play a few counterfit chinese Gibson's lately, mostly LP customs and one Supreme. Guy was asking $450 each for them as that's what he paid, and while his price was high I actually liked the guitars. IMO definitely worth modding with new tuners and pickups. The Supreme had a EMG 81/60 combo in it and besides a slightly cheap feel to it, i had no complaints. Would I order one if I knew i was getting the exact same one i ordered? Definitely. I'm considering having a friend order an Explorer copy for me once i find a job. And if i do, i'll be back to post how it is and whether or not it's worth it. I'll also be ordering locking tuners, a Graphtech nut and more than likely Seymour Duncan Blackouts to go with it as well.
you are facing this problem only for that you did a mistake by purchasing a copy not original i always prefer the original ...
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I was thinking of buying a fake chinese gibson les paul.

does it say gibson on it?on the headstock? Like it really was a Gibson.Sorta like a $70.00 Rolex?They can't do that can they??panhead201
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