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Hi mom!
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Originally Posted by MRWHITE35
Put it this way the Gibson Les Paul slash AFD FAKE! plays a lot better than my genuine epiphone Les Paul

epiphone makes les paul copies too sharpie. so compare two copies?

gibson makes les pauls. compare them to that.
Originally Posted by Roc8995
I don't think I've ever played anything in black walnut. It's a great ice cream flavor, so I assume it works well for a strat too.

hard to argue with that.
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A friend of mine owns an lp copy thats made in China.
Quality it is not. Cheap it also was not. I bought it for em! Turns out its made by some fake lp making company called ibanez. plays great, sounds good, but they ****ed the finish up something fierce.
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don't buy it before you play it thats what I say now I've had shitty guitars that i paid 1,000 and 1,200 usd for. And I've had a couple that I really liked that I paid only 300-400 usd. NEVER PURCHASE A GUITAR BASED ON THE WAY IT LOOKS OR JUST BECAUSE IT HAS A LONG LIST OF PRO FEATURES ALWAYS PLAY BEFORE YOU BUY. If you have to pay a few hundred more than you wanted to you will still be better off and happier with the guitar that fits you right and you are comfortable with.A lot of things come into play trying to find the right guitar but it always comes down to comfort, your personal preferences, and playability.
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Don't even like pedals.
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....umad bro?
Originally Posted by SimplyBen
That's the advantage of being such a distance from Yianni. I can continue to live my life without fear of stumbling upon his dark terror.

Originally Posted by Toppscore
NakedInTheRain aka "Naked with shriveled pencil sized bacon In The Rain"
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I think he woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
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Originally Posted by necrosis1193
Let's start with pic #1, the body. First and probably most obviously, is the missing pickguard. Granted a lot of people do this for aesthetics, but no mention is made of it, and it sure as hell shipped with it if it's real. The second hint is the finish - Most Les Paul Customs of this variety, from what I can find, unless vintage, seem to be plain-top. This is probably just an optional thing though, so not a huge thing. On the other hand, the finish is. The inside of the burst is much darker than any cherryburst LP Custom I can dig up.

That's about all I can pick up, so let's go on to the neck. The inlay actually seems like it'd look nice, but I can't find a single Les Paul Custom that has a floral vine inlay. It's either a one-off, which even in China wouldn't just be $368.82, or it's a fake. With the only real detail photos can tell of the neck gone through, let's move on to the real telltale giveaway for this pantomime, the headstock.

The headstock on this guitar is egregious. There is not a single Gibson Les Paul Custom I can find that has a golden truss rod cover, or that silly circular inlay instead of the diamond inlay. Moreover, the tuners are lookalikes of Grover Kidney Beans, not the more angular Sperzels our genuine model shows off. The rest of the guitar is passable, if suspicious, but this just kills any illusion it has to a real guitar.

I'm sorry to kind of ruin your scrutinizing remarks on this gibson, but this is actually a real model. It is the Les Paul Ultima, with quilted top and tree of life inlay. It can be seen right here: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Ele...aul-Ultima.aspx. I don't know that you could definitely call this a fake. The only difference are the tuners, but other than that, has all the same features.

EDIT: the only difference is the tuners and the color of the pickup mounts and pots.

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Mr. Strat Cat
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In any case, I'm for the sticky. Great post.
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I saw this really bad PGM copy with JEM stamped on the headstock.
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Don't understand why anyone would buy a knockoff knowingly. If its from a cheap site and the guitar costs little money then its going to be shit.

Just save up the money and buy a decent guitar.
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how about buying a non-knockoff chinese guitar? anyone buy from dhgate.com etc? sounds like some are ok guitars, others not... would be good to see a list of "they're only $300 but well worth it" chinese guitars... I know some china instruments are fine, others are junk, would help to know the difference. i'm thrilled with my ibanez though, so maybe I'll just stick with name brand ones.

still it's tempting:

I mean under $300 including shipping, some may be ok? anyone with Experience (not just opinions lol), who's bought these?

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so im trying to sell my guitar so i can afford to buy a new one, but it doesnt have a serial number and when i search its brand I cant find anything . It says Fullerton on the head, not Fender. Its dark blue and looks like a stratocaster to me. someone help please
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that ain't falco
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Originally Posted by Axelfox

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Legit, just wrong name. It's a V-401DX. I'm sure there will be a good amount of bidding on it before the auction ends.
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that ain't falco
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But it has the right name? lol. Look at the it says V401DX on the 12th fret and in the item description.

But anyways, do you think I should go for it?
Originally Posted by Axelfox

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You realize the price can go up by hundreds of dollars in the last few seconds alone, right?

It's not that big of a deal to see something listed for even a dollar as an opening bid.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion.

Feel free to express yours so I can make an informed judgement about how stupid you are.
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that ain't falco
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Oh, I see. I've never really used Ebay before.
Originally Posted by Axelfox

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shecter guy
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I have to say i've had a chance to play a few counterfit chinese Gibson's lately, mostly LP customs and one Supreme. Guy was asking $450 each for them as that's what he paid, and while his price was high I actually liked the guitars. IMO definitely worth modding with new tuners and pickups. The Supreme had a EMG 81/60 combo in it and besides a slightly cheap feel to it, i had no complaints. Would I order one if I knew i was getting the exact same one i ordered? Definitely. I'm considering having a friend order an Explorer copy for me once i find a job. And if i do, i'll be back to post how it is and whether or not it's worth it. I'll also be ordering locking tuners, a Graphtech nut and more than likely Seymour Duncan Blackouts to go with it as well.
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you are facing this problem only for that you did a mistake by purchasing a copy not original i always prefer the original ...
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Originally Posted by scaronyourface
I was thinking of buying a fake chinese gibson les paul.

does it say gibson on it?on the headstock? Like it really was a Gibson.Sorta like a $70.00 Rolex?They can't do that can they??panhead201

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Apollo 13
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+1 This entire thread, thank you.
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