I feel it's about time I made one of these - in fact I was unsure whether or not I had, to be honest!

From the :

"Based in Lancaster, Consecrated Flesh is a new force in the area's metal scene. Their particular brand of metal combines extreme speed and crushing blasts with melody lines and harmonies for a truly involving musical experience. In 2009 they released their debut E.P entitled "Invocation," still available at live performances or from the band. With a young and promising line up, and an ever expanding armoury of songs, Consecrated Flesh aims to make its mark in times soon to come."

From our review on :

This is a talented outfit who seem to be off to a flying start at such an early time in their musical progress... it’s not hard to imagine these guys supporting Destroyer 666 someday. Good band, good songs and good prospects.

Please do take a look and let us know with a comment what you think. You can get us on either myspace or facebook - whichever is you preferred flavour! Or add us on both!

Cheers for looking!
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I see I've been beaten to the punch by AnnhiSlateR in the Metal thread, but thought I'd just necro this thread to mention the new demo!

This is 4 tracks: ~30 mins of material, and it is free to download from bandcamp.

You can also stream it there, as well as on our Myspace page, if you want to check the songs out before you download them.

Valkyrian music's Nico Davidson has said it's "a great addition to any Black Metal fan's collection -4.5/5"

You can read the full review

You can stream the tracks on our Myspace

And finally, you can download the tracks for free from our Bandcamp page,
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