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Recently I got asked to join this melodic death metal band and it's just me , this drummer everybody says is amazing and one kid in my class who wants to sing screamo ( like on a side note his favorite bands are like asking alexdrandria, bring me the horizon, and like the devil wears prada) I don't really listen to that type of music and I'm pretty sure this is a joke cause I don't believe that kid can sing I just think he thinks he can soooooo yeah....
Should I waste the time trying to do this or what?
I already have an awesome band that I love being in but we don't even have a bassist so is this a good opportunity or a waste of time?
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jam with EVERYONE possible.

how could it hurt? if they suck, bail. if not, shape them up.
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just suggest a jam before saying yes or no, so that everyone is on the same page.
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Jam with them. It's called networking. You never know when you might find yourself in need of a drummer and this one just might like to help you out.
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jam with anyone and everyone that offers it to you, no matter what it is experience and will help you, just don't try to hide it from your current band....
but yeah just try if they suck, or you guys have no connection then just stop
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Sorry for going offtopic, but I've gotta say, that's not screamo, it's metalcore.

Jam with them if you like them, even if it won't go anywhere. At the very least, you'll learn something and it can be pretty fun.