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Are there any good websites that you can put a song on and let people download it for free.? I have one on the tip of my tongue but I cant think of it.. and its not CDBaby.
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upload your music to anywhere (mediafire, megaupload, rapidshare, torrents) and link people from your website?
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reverb nation? maybe
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Register yourband.com, find some hosting (a lot of free hosting out there) and put your song up there. Nothing looks better than being able to get it from your site than some other site.

Also, if you've got a good following on Twitter or Facebook, check out Tweet for a Track. The name says it all.
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Reverbnation is a really amazing tool for bands. although you cant let people download for free, you can go as low as 30 cents a song. Also, Bandcamp.com lets you put your songs on for free, and it also has the option of letting fans name their price (you can set the minimum price to whatever you want) so they can either download for free (if you set the minimum to free) or give you money for it if they want.
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^^ you actually can.. just put up free download when uploading the song

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