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Hey guys I wanna ask, if let's say you guys are playing in a local school, you guys would rent equipment right? Most probably yeah? Right then how would this work? Like you rent the equipment and bring it home? Or you rent it on the day of the performance and when you're done with it, you send it back? Or what?
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i wouldnt rent equiptment
dont feel comfortable playing live with anything i havent personally tested for a while
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So that means you gonna bring your own gear. But how are you gonna get it there man? And how's the cost of renting equipment like? Is it like half of the selling price of say , an amp?
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Hmm... I assumed that he was talking about PA equipment.

In the case of PA, it varies from place to place. Around here, there are many/most venues who have their own PA if they routinely book bands. The band shows up, hooks into the club's PA, plays the show, packs up and goes home.

If the club does not have a PA, then you'll have to round one up. This may well mean renting one. So, you go to your local music store, (best to call ahead and reserve, if you're smart....), rent the PA, throw it in someone's truck (or multiple cars...), and drive it all to the gig. Set up, play, tear down....

Typically, it is due back the next day, unless of course you want to rent it for multiple days. The exception is that, if you rent it on a Saturday and the music store is closed on Sunday, in which case, it will be due back Monday.

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I used to work at a venue. Sometimes artists would rent equipment and keep it in tractor trailers, taking it from place to place on their tour. Other times the company that rented the equipment would deliver it to the venue, but that only seemed to happen when they were also providing their own engineers. Then again, I was working for some fairly big name bands in a 10,000 seat stadium, it's a little different.

Google is your friend. Try searching for audio equipment rentals in your area. Failing that, look for DJs, they often have a lot of the equipment you might need like a good PA system, or other bands for things like amps, and they may be willing to work out a deal with you, although they might want one of their own people there to keep an eye on it. Failing that, hit a guitar store and see if they will rent to you. It may be against store policy at places like Guitar Center or Sam Ash, but a small, locally owned place might be willing to rent to you. Granted, a place like this might want something to hold on to, like a credit card, as collateral in case their gear doesn't make it back in one piece.

As for timing itself, I think the best way to do it would be to work out your deal a couple weeks beforehand, pick it up day of and take it to the venue, then return it as soon as you're done (or, if it's too late in the night, first thing the next morning. In either case, make sure you come to an agreement on this with the person you're renting from).
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