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Ive been told that I am an okay singer, not horrible at least, but that sometimes I tend to get flat/monotone here and there throughout every song I sing. I don't want to be a great singer or anything, just good enough to like sing some cheesy song to a girl or something lol. Are there any exercises and what not that can help me get on pitch? I've read from previous answers that im doing something wrong my with my soft palate and breathing? Can anyone explain that and maybe some exercises or something I can do it to fix or anything else that might work. I downloaded Perfect Pitch Super Course as well, so hopefully that thing is not just a bunch of BS.

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You can practice just by singing any syllable along with a piano. Listen for differences in your tone vs. the piano's. If you can't tell how you're singing, try recording yourself to get an idea of how you sound and make adjustments accordingly.
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Its your melody. You have to learn how to sing a melody.

examples of melodies are all around you showtunes cartoons movie theme the song you remember from childhood is a great place to start because those songs are baked in..you know how they go..listen to yourself sing them you will tell if your off or not

deck the halls with bla bla bla bla. surely you know that one.
silent night

another thing is to really get into the music. singing scales and such does help you stay in key but you should sing them in the context of music not scales...

like star wars