First, sorry for my english.! I'm from Spain.

Let me introduce you my Moridaira Hurricane , the first electric I bought a few years ago and which for many was forgotten in the attic along with my passion for guitars, happily recovered four years ago. I bought it second-hand when he was 18, so I think it will be from the end of the 80, as time goes on .....

It is a guitar that sounds and plays well, the neck is extremely comfortable. Originally carrying a volume control, one tone and a switch to split the humbucker, I removed the old pots and install a HSS stratocaster type circuit . The knobs do not hit much, but I haven´t found none equal to the original ones, so I put others that I had at home. The tuners are Gotoh.

Anyway, I've always been curious about the origins of this type of guitar, and after a lot of searchings on the internet, I managed to see some, but not exactly this. I appeal to the wisdom of the forum if anyone has had an equal and I can identify, dating and to assess their current market value.

I add some pictures of my baby:

Moridaira was a Japanese distributor of budget guitars.

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