Copypasta'd from Jenny's post:

award winners! yay, pick up your prizes at the door.

Kyle copy and paste this somewhere? or like frame it and hang it in your
UG office?

1. most helpful WhoToListenTo and Regulars in GG&A and EG:
1st: Greg
2nd: Dave
3rd: 311zosovanhalensomeotherbands

2. least helpful WTLT and Regulars:
1st, 2nd and 3rd: AcousticMirror (min)

3. most likely to be next invited into the WTLT thread:
1st: Cathbard
Gumbilicious, CECamps, Tom and lilPhil

4. Best 2010 members: (now I meant members who joined in '10.
and i see a few thought it meant overall 2010 member.)
so let's give this one to the new guys!
1st: CECamps
2nd: CoolstoryAngus
3rd: Archenemyfan

5. best GG&A and EG thread (pick one):
1st: Pedal Board Thread
close seconds to Tom and the WTLT thread.

6. best mods:
1st: Kyle
2nd: AngryGoldfish
3rd:Colin and Jof

7. best sig (pick one):

8. biggest fanboys:
group...Bugera Militia

9. best avatars:
-so many answers here-
guys liked Pokemon, Carrots, Ducks, Tom in cartoon form, Face, little cartoon cars,
strange symbols...

10.best female member, who helps a lot in the EG setup thread, not becky:

11.member you'd most like to have a beer with:
-looks like the Pedal Board guys want to hang out the most.
-then the WTLT guys all love each other second most.

the guy a lot of people want to drink with seems to be Greg, 311, Cath...

also, seems like a lot of guys want to get MIN drunk so they can steal his stuff.

12. nicest members!:
311 and Greg,
Jen and Forsakn- John

13. best guitarist and clips:
1st: MatrixClaw

Sorry if i miscounted anything.
as you can see these are mostly GGnA voters. Eg not really represented.

There were a lot of other favs and newer favs just missing in the votes as well;
Eyebanez333 (wtf with the hat), Mmolt, Mark, Jhackey, Biga, Kyle 2.0, Fatalgear

Merry Christmas guys Jenny
Feel free to call me Kyle.

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