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If I ever needed your help I need it now.

I feel I struck a good one this time. My band has everything we need.
We're a cover R'n'R band (go figure..)

..anyway the question is:
We always go to a venue where we have to set up in a short amount of time. We don't have time to warm up, just a short soundcheck before the show. We play long sets, like 2-3 hours partytime.
The thing is, we only start to ""Rip the place appart"" after 1 hour.
Ok, I know a lot of you have been there, but how do we make stuff happen right away? That would be a formula to glorify us all..

I know ..it's great to start slow and end in a faboulous 1 hour finish - everyone praises you at the end. But how to play that way from the start?
It's not just a crowd's thing, WE get into it after an hour of playing and we want to speed that moment up. How do you do that?
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play a while before you get there?
maybe get there a bit earlier than normaly
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We're a cover R'n'R band (go figure..)

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get there early and play ya scales, over and over and over, just so your fingers warm up enough to not be sloppy befroe you go on.
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just get pumped beforehand so that you're as energetic when the gig starts as you would be after playing a few songs. Play along to your favorite songs etc
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my drummer and bassist stretch for 15 minutes beforehand.

me and my lead guitarist go over songs on the way to the show, go over our setlist and do vocal warm-ups.

anywho that's our warm-up procedure before a gig. we've been playing the same songs for 8 months without taking more than 3 days in between so i don't know if our method will do you any good, but i hope they do!