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This is NOT a 'what should we name our band' thread.

My band went nameless for months, even a year. Me and my drummer were the main ones coming up with ideas, and we had very different opinions on a good name. Our bassist doesn't have much to say, so it was mostly between me and the drummer. Finally, I came up with The Hot Neighbor Band. My bassist liked it, so I told the drummer. He hated it. Because he couldn't come up with anything better, we're using it, but he still doesn't like it. He thinks it's to goofy, and people won't take us seriously. He likes names like Foreigner and Journey. So, do you think The Hot Neighbor Band is to silly to be taken seriously? We aren't a joke band, but we don't take ourselves super seriously. We play spacey alternative rock, with some punk and hard rock elements.
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maybe just 'the hot neighbors' or something like that...
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Turns out my drummer hated the name my band was using for about a year.
He mentioned it at the very start, said it was weird.
After that, he didn't bring it up again until after we split up.


The name seems fine to me, I'm sure he'll either get over it and play music with you guys, or keep being a dick and quit.
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Majority rules should pretty much always apply in bands, but I personally don't like it.
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How about "Monthly Red". It's funny. AND cool.
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Monthly Red is cool, go with that. The Hot Nieghbor Band is kinda lame IMHO...
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I agree with the drummer

No offense bro, it's true.
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Quote by Macabre_Turtle
Majority rules should pretty much always apply in bands, but I personally don't like it.

Lies. Majority rule when it comes to things like this just doesn't work. You need something that everyone's happy with. And honestly TS I agree with the drummer, I think it's stupid. But then I also think Journey and Foreigner are shit names.
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The Hot Neighbor Band is ehh...I mean drop the "band" and just make it The Hot Neighbors, and I might be able to dig it, but it depends on what you guys play. What genre are you guys? And Monthly Red is a good name
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I'll honestly have to keep backing Monthly Red... The _____ Band just has grown to a bit of a cliche... But that's just my opinion. I would honestly say you should find a name you all agree on.
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What's wrong?Was "The Beatles" taken??

Before adding any further members, myself and other guitar player and the dummer, decided to come up with a name, before any shitty new singer, bass player or anyone else thought that they had a say.

One guy said "Nothing with the word 'band' in it"
I said "and nothing with the word 'the' in it"
And the drummer said "and nothing with numbers... Wait, that's my suggestions"

And 2 years later, we still tell that story in interviews and suck. Here ya go:
Nothing With Numbers

So, You have to be careful with the name thing. tell him to come up with something better, or go on nameless. Bu if things are good, don't let this mess you up.
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If it's not unanimous, it'll cause issues later. Also, I agree with your drummer, I wouldn't go see a band with that name.
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I agree that" the hot neighbors" is 10000X better than "the hot neighbors band"
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If the band name doesn't 'click' with everybody, then it's not the name.
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How about Foriegn Journey?
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Quote by jamesyodoom
This is NOT a 'what should we name our band' thread.
My golden rule of band names: every band name sounds stupid until you score a super hit, in which case your band name becomes instantly cool.
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Quote by Withakay
My golden rule of band names: every band name sounds stupid until you score a super hit, in which case your band name becomes instantly cool.
This is quite true, a lot of band names would sound crap if you had just thought of them but sound fine when a band is popular enough. Eg:

-The Killers - "dude that sounds way too dark for an indie pop band"
-The Beatles - "so you want us to be named after insects?"
-The Kinks - "...sounds kind of gay"
-Radiohead - "people will always think of the talking head's song first"

The list goes on, basically most names are crap but if you are halfway decent then most names work fine.
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honestly dude, if someone really doesn't like the band name, it makes it quite difficult to care. look at it this way, the band name should be something every member can take pride in, then they can put all their effort into supporting it.

also the word band at the end of the name really turns me away.... 'the hot neighbors' or 'the hot neighbor' would be a way better name. or even drop the word "the" to make it 'hot neighbor(s)'. think about it, do you think people would have turned up to see the nirvana band, or the rolling stone band, or the black sabbath band, it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well as black sabbath....
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