Okay so i thought id make thread where everyone can share there bass amp settings, seeing the guitar forums have tons of these.

I'll start:
On a Fender amp which goes to 15
Bass - 13
Low Mid - 11
High Mid - 11
Treble - 8

thats my basic amp settings and i can tweak it from my onboard eq on my bass.

Your turn! (:
Treble: 5
Mid: 5
Bass: 7

But what matters more is my Sansamp DI:
Blend: Cranked all the way at 5:00
Treble: 11:00
Bass: 3:00
Drive: 1:00
Presence: 5:00
Main Basses:
Warwick RB Corvette 5
Douglas Sculptor 825 NA Fretless 5

Main Rig:
Sansamp>GK Backline 600>2 GK BLX 210 Cabinets
I almost always bypass the EQ on my amp. Can't find a better sound than that.
I miss my amp ... ****ing repair slobs ...

Anyway, I tend to use a bit of high low, while middle-high presence and mid. Got a warm, nice tone. It was an Eden Nemesis 400w amp.
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Hartke LH500 head

bass - 5
mids - 7
treble - 5
bright switch off
limiter off
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Depends on what I'm playing and if I get to change EQ or not. If i'm playing an amp with a graphic EQ, I put it in a general sad face shape. If it's not a graphic EQ it's typically along the lines of

Bass: 12 o'clock
Lo Mids: 2 o'clock
Mids: 3 o'clock
Hi Mids: 1 o'clock
Treble: 12 o'clock

I can adjust the EQ with the preamp in my bass, but i normally don't bother unless it's absolutely necessary.
I run most of my amps flat and/or 'at noon'.

I'll tweak during sound check.

In general, i like a little mids boost, and a little 'boost' (i.e. grind) when i use my GK 400rb or 800rb.
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Since I'm in a metal band, I really like to lock into the guitar without getting lost in the mix.
On my head (that has no numbers so I'm guessing here)
Presense - 10
Treble - 4-7 (I kind of bounce around here)
Hi Mid - 1 or 2
Low Mid - 4-5
Bass - 6

And I have a boss sustainer pedal I use to get a bit more tone.
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I have a traynor yba-200 which has wonderful tone, but a very odd eq when set at flat. If left flat, it's a trebbly beast with little mid range.


gain: 4-7 depending on the bass I'm using and how much growl I want
bass: 5
mid: 9-10
mid range: 4
treble: 2-3
resonance: 4

I always give a little mid boost and a little treble roll off on any amp I play through, but the traynor is a bit more of a pain in the butt to eq properly--well worth it though for cheap and light tube goodness.
bass:11 oclock
mids: cranked
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