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so today my band is having our first gig at our school's battle of the bands. i hear some of those are rigged, is this true? and if anyone has some good advice please feel free to share.
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It's possible some are rigged, sure, but more likely would be judge or crowd bias. Just bring out as many of your friends and family as you can to back you up and play a damn good set, it's all you can do.
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A school battle of the bands is always going to be biased. It's not really a musical competition, more of a popularity competition. All I can say is invite as many people as you can that you know will vote for you. If any members of the band have fans in the younger years, especially girls, invite them. Wink at them during the show, smile at them. They will vote for you. Being charming always works.

Advice on the actual playing side?

I've played at three of my schools battle of the bands, and so far 20 gigs elsewhere, all over 300 people. I have found that I was more nervous about the school gig, because I knew everyone. If I messed up, I'd have to see them. And hear them laughing at me. While at other gigs, I wasn't exactly likely to be talking to anyone there afterwards.

Don't let this dishearten you though. As long as you're good, and fairly confident (not cocky) you guys will be fine. And when your friends and maybe people who you don't even talk to, or especially like, come up to you and congratulate you, you'll feel on top of the world

So go up on that stage. Rock out. Get the crowd going. If you have a slow bit in the song, clap if you can if you're not playing. Put your hands in the arm and clap. Smile a lot. People enjoy watching others smile and having fun. If you show that you're enjoying yourself, they'll feel good too.

And finally, remember that if you don't win, it isn't the end of the world. Because there is always next year, when you can vow to kick ass :P
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Do you get anything if you win?

If not, it doesn't matter if you win the vote or not; everyone who puts on a good show is a winner.

It's about making a name for yourself and establishing your band in peoples minds. I can from a fairly big high school, myself. And while we didn't have a true 'Battle of the Bands' we had a concert set up by one of the clubs where various school bands performed (there were other things but that's what everyone came for). Bands that would perform there gained notoriety among the students and also made fans. And as long as people start associating you & your band with being really good entertainers, you've won.
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I think a lot of the bad stuff you hear about BOTBs come from places like Gorilla Productions that force you to pre-sell and basically take advantage of younger bands.

Other types though, like high school ones are pretty awesome I think. My band went to one at a school about 30 min away from where we're from in an area we'd never played before and still managed to get 2nd when we were the only band from another town. Just go out and play your best set. For us it was much more about gaining fans and making connections with area bands than winning the competition.
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well im glad to say we got 3rd place and 75 bucks, first gig too, they really dug us and one of my frinds said my guitar solos were awesome