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sometimes during band practice our drummer might speed up or slow down slighly every now and then, but otherwise than that he seems generally skilled and is able to plau fills, and he doesnt speed up and slowly down al the time, just every now and then.
Is this a problem that can be helped by lots of practice (with a metronome), or is he lacking in natural rhythm and maybe he shouldn't be playing drums at all? or be in the band? any responses would be great guys
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thats a dummer man just follow it
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just talk to him about it. if he's at all serious about playing drums he'll work on it.
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If you want to have it all perfectly straight get a drum machine. A human is never going to be able to do that. But a dynamic groove is exactly what a drummer is for. Practising playing steady might help though.
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maybe he's just human and makes mistakes? lol being a drummer is hard man. it'll happen from time to time. it's not a huge deal =P
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Quote by danimalhxc
maybe he's just human and makes mistakes? lol being a drummer is hard man. it'll happen from time to time. it's not a huge deal =P

this. it's really not that big of a deal, as long as you guys are able to pick up on it and speed up/slow down along with him.
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Maybe he thinks same about you, missing notes, slightly off time every now and again. If you expected the band to be perfect all the time, you'd be in a mansion on MTV, not posting on UG
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How long has he been playing? Tempo issues usually go away as a drummer gets better.