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Hello, I am in a 3-piece punk rock band, and there is a slight issue with my bassist. When we're on stage, he's pretty shy. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't necessarily get stage fright, he's not exactly nervous on stage, it never effects his playing ability.

However, he doesn't move around much. Me as the frontman and my drummer have a lot of stage presence and have a lot of energy on stage, but our bassist has yet to really come out of his shell.

Does anyone have any tips on how to work with him to become more comfortable on stage? Or in the end, as long as it doesn't effect his playing ability and that me and my drummer have decent stage presence, does it really matter?

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A lot of people will say that moving around and all that stuff is huge, but honestly I have never cared one bit either way. I'd rather everyone stood perfectly still if it meant their playing would be better.

I think with punk it is probably pretty important though. It is a genre that isn't hugely technical so I think the audience will expect some sort of stage show.
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In a 3 piece punk band, it DEFINITELY matters.

When it comes down to it, I think most people who don't move onstage do so because they thing moving around a lot will make them look stupid. Typically, video evidence shows them otherwise. Beyond that, if it really is an issue of not wanting to look stupid, just telling him that he'll look worse just standing there than he would moving around and getting into the music is really all you can do.
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Get him some alcohol or caffeine
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ugh that sucks. have you ever told him to practice infront of a large mirror. does he move around in band practice?
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here is a video to maybe change your mind. its all about attitude, not necessarily movement.

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i would have to agree with whoever suggested videotaping it. he'll see he looks a little odd not moving around. but if he's grooving (moving his head around, doing a bit of a dance, etc) then it doesnt really matter if he stays in relatively the same place. get him to loosen up during band practices, get him to bounce around, etc. but video evidence is the best way to get somebody to see what they're doing "wrong"
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Tell him to hide in the shadows like Maynard James Keenan does.

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When I watch a punk band I usually hope that it looks like all members are giving everything they've got.
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Kick him in the shin mid-song. If nothing else hell be hopping around a little bit.

hahaha that novel idea made me laugh
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Force him to get going by giving him plenty of drive in your gestures.

I dunno how much time you aren't at a mic or something, but in practice I'm pretty anti-social, like I'll move, hop and dance and stuff while playing guitar, but in practice (not on stage mind) I never inteact with the band aside from eye contact for prompts to do stuff, so my bassist is always staring me out to get me interacting in a bit of a more playful manner.

Like approach him and make him feel awkward until he does something!

If not you could always tell him he needs to sort his stuff out and have fun.
While standing on stage still can be fine, even in a punk three piece occasionally, and while a lot of people won't mind or find you bad, if there's some interaction or cool movement then they'll remember you.
Make sure he knows how important it is! And how much more fun a gig is when you're not just playing your instrument and you're interacting with the whole room and stuff.
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Tell him you'll get off-stage and make him play a 10 minute bass solo at every show if he doesn't move around more.
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Tell him you'll get off-stage and make him play a 10 minute bass solo at every show if he doesn't move around more.

+1 haha thats pretty good.
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