Need Help Arranging a Tab for the Song "Questa Notte" by Ludovico Einaudi

I have heard a guitar version of this song from a Classic FM cd which was exclusively recorded for the album. I attempted to make a guitar arrangement for this beautiful tune, having no reference on the web - I tried looking for a tab or a good cover but couldn't find anything close to the original.

I didn't do a thorough analysis of the whole music sheet of the tune for piano (which I should have done). The sheet can be found here. So I just started from the beginning and worked my way through.

It has been all good - arranged the first parts in a way that could be well played with fair ease, until I moved on to the 'triplets' part. There I found out that the pitch difference between the lowest base note that was needed to be played at the same time with the highest high note was too big . In fact, I am surprised that it could be played on the guitar, as in addition the lowest base notes in the 'triplets' part also 'cycle' within 5 half-steps.

I tried tuning my guitar to different configurations, using partial capo to find a way just to be able to play the 'triplets' part but couldn't find one that wouldn't compromise the ability to play the other parts. I also thought about using a 7-string guitar but haven't tried yet.

It's hard to explain music in words so I have attached my unfinished GP tab in this thread. The 'triplets' part is also included in there just for reference - it can't be played.

Many thanks for your help,

PS: I also uploaded a gp5 export - it has been slightly modified in a few places but overall it's very similar to the original gpx.
Questa Notte.gpx
Questa Notte.gp5
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