Hey guys,

Just a new track I've been working on, along the Scale the Summit sort of lines, except it won't end up instrumental.

I will try match to whatever crit you leave, just drop me a link with your crit and I'll get on it ASAP


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That was ****ing sick, you've gotta record that with real guitars and drums man!!!

Oh yeah how do you do the fade out at the end?
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Not really melodic, and doesn't sound like metal. And not progressive either

I'd say this is psychodelic rock.
Really?? I don't see how it's psychedelic at all

In that case, I'll just call it rock.

EDIT: For a fade out, just click on the green and red slider button next to the TXT button on the bottom toolbar, and select volume, set it to 0 and click all tracks

Also, how it not progressive?!
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EDIT: For a fade out, just click on the green and red slider button next to the TXT button on the bottom toolbar, and select volume, set it to 0 and click all tracks

Also, how it not progressive?!

Thanks a lot mate, also it sounds progressive to me!
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Getting killed is an occupational hazard when you're an armed robber.

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Drunk birds falling over? Sounds like Glasgow

'The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar.'

- Jimi Hendrix
critting while listening..

wow, i expected something way different as i read the title.
it has a pretty happy-rock-ish feel to it. it's totally not my thing. :p
the drums could use more variety.
the change to the distorted guitars was kinda abrupt to me.

onwards.. it's getting repetitive to me, although you had different melodies for the lead.
maybe vary drums and riff guitar.. just shuffle it.

it still sounds like the part before.. just with different lead..
nice change of rhythm with the 3/4 time sig.

oh well, the 11/8 sounded kinda weird to me.
maybe it's just me, but it seems like i only hear the "dam-dadada-dam-dadada.." pattern for like over a minute with some occasional throw-ins.

bar 74+ was more of my liking.
the chord progression has a nice feel to it.

that 7/8 part was nice. a bit spazzy.
you repeated that theme onwards.. it's ok. work on the drums, though.

next noticable change of feel is at 136+.. it's pretty calm, like it.
but that theme is also repeated pretty often..

oh well, the song is not my kind of music, but i guess you had some effort in creating it.
it's an ok song, but i would neither consider it metal, nor progressive, even with all the different time sigs.
but it's indeed pretty melodic.
all in all, with vocals it would be solid for the people who like that stuff, but try to be less repititive.
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Mission accomplished!
Firstly, thank you for the crit! I actually finished the song now

I'm gonna go ahead and say that this is definitely Prog Rock. Very Scale the Summit-esque. I like it. A lot. But I do have some qualms and I'll go over those as I listen again.

The intro is magnificent. It reminds me of Eric Clapton for some reason. I love it. Especially the dissonance the bass creates with it. It needs to be brought back later in the song though! Maybe with distortion or something. It was my favorite part throughout.

The main two problems I have with the song start right after the intro though. Firstly, the amount of repeats makes it kind of predictable. You always play something twice, and then onto something else (which then plays twice). The second thing is the constant open chugging (not as bad as the first thing). This gets fixed at the end, but until then it kind of drones

After relistening, it's not nearly as "annoying" as it was at first, but the repeat problem is still there.

Bar 74 is very typical metalcore. It's my least favorite part, honeslty :/ It might be the progresssion, but it just doesn't fit to me.

Also, take away the repeat on Bar 134. It's unneeded and transitions better without it. I LOVE the lead right after though. You've got some really good leads throughout, but this whole major key section is awesome. It's in dire need of a solo at 189 though. Maybe earlier would be fine. With the lead you have it would transition nicely into it.

Overall, it's a very good song. Very Scale the Summit like, and that's a good thing. Just a couple things: Vary your leads a little more (the constant 8th's and 16th's get a bit tiring)! and whatever I mentioned up there. As a whole though, I like the song. Some very good ideas. I can see you developing as a musician now!

Cheers for the crits guys

I've taken a lot of your crit into account and I've came up with a second draft of the song which I will upload in this post.

DiminishedFifth, I would be very grateful if you could check out my second draft
I'll check out your finished version right away.
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Loved it. AMAZINGly good job man. Absolutely loved the change in the 70 bar (is the chorus right before that change? sounds like a chorus to me)

So many good riffs, some many time changes.
Have to record it man!
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I hear so much Scale The Summit throughout this and I apologize in advance that I will probably relate them to this 9000 times, ahaha.

Intro is really pretty, love it.

Measure 18 section has definitely got some of the Scale The Summit vibe, cept chordier, haha. Really nice.

26 section is great, love the sound.

30 is good, more of the STS feel. The lead at 34 definitely has that feel until 16th notes, defnitely a different influence, works great.

Section at 42 returning to transition works great.

Section at 46 is SO AWESOME. I can't really put it into words, haha.

50: More STS, ahaha. Love it.

58 transition is sexy and I love the slidey bit returning, yum.

Section at 63 maintains the feel while feeling unique, even though it's not super complex, very well done.

74 also has a unique feeling, like a very happy/adventurous metalcore influence, works well, though the grace notes sound a bit awkward but that's probably just Guitar Pro.

82 feels like I just fell into Dunes by STS for a second, haha. Sounds great though, really takes on a feel of it's own at 88 and also with 90-93.

Gonna skip a bit section by section because it's mostly repeated bits that all work well, so that's enough said there I think.

127 section is neat, love the chords here.

136 section is greaaat. Love that melody. The little variations, changes in rhythm/bass, and the buildup throughout this whole part are fantastic.

The whole outro section works well, feels like an upbeat requiem or something, love it.

Seriously realllllly like this, very Scale The Summit-esque, and don't take that wrong, I don't mean it's a rip off or blatant copy or something, it's definitely very unique throughout as well and you definitely show other influences. Love upbeat metal like this. ;P Great job, get this recordeeeeed.

If you wanna C4C something for me, check out 'Backroads' in my sig. I have a somewhat similar style to this I think that you may enjoy. ;P
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Criting as I listen

First of all, might I suggest not panning the guitars too far right or too far left, cause the harmonization feels a bit weird.

Then, it doesn't really feel that melodic to me... try adding synths, ensembles, and a few other instruments. Also, I think you used too many chord variations(Most notably a major 3rd variation and suspended variations).

Though, I like the melody at bar 74, but the grace note at 77 feels rather odd to me...

I also like the string skipping riff at 82, but I think the guitar 2 string skipping part is a bit too far(Especially bar 87, skipping 3 strings...), but it's good... Adding the complexity to the song.

Well, I don't really listen to Scale the Summit, but when I listen to this it kinda reminds me of Rush... Which is good.

The transition at 135 is great, followed by a melody at 136. The riffs really remind me of Tom Sawyer...

Well, overall it's a great piece, but maybe you need to improve the rhythm tracks a bit... cause it doesn't really feel complex enough for a prog song...
Dude, this is an amazing piece!

I love the chord forms. I don't know what that sort of chord form is called, because I never really devoted myself to theory, but I use them quite often myself. It gives such a strong emotion rather than just the standard power chord that most people use.

Parts of this song sounded very Rush, but much more warm and melodic.

The time changes blew me away also. That's a section I am very weak with myself and I have never been able to pull it off in such an epic way like this.

All in all I would say this is a very powerful yet tasteful work of art. There were some parts I liked so much that I wished they would continue on or maybe make a return later on.

Congrats man I am impressed!