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I really want to start a band.
I really really do.

I've been at it, working on getting people together, maybe not actively, but I've been at it.

Skip to to list of issues below if you don't feel like reading the backstory

I have a friend, whose name is Daniel.

Daniel and I play the guitar, I would be the lead guitarrist and Daniel would be the rythm.

I have my sights on a bassist who would be able to to an okay job att playing, but I'm not sure of how much I can trust him for coming to practise and such, for I have no former experience with him.

Now, a drummer will be a problem to find, for there are next to none who wants to join a band of unknown 15-year-olds with only a few years of experience.

Daniel is an okay drummer, if we do not find one, he will most likely be playing the drums.

Now, if we bring this bassist in, we will be having me on vocals, even though I am not much of a singer, and guitar, with daniel playing the drums.

The issues I would like to adress are the following:

  • Finding a drummer, and (possible a vocalist)

  • Making band practise as structured as possible

  • Getting everyone to come to practise regularly

Finding a skilled drummer would be the best thing we could do to begin with, any ideas on how I could find a drummer?

I and Daniel have tried starting a band before, band practise is a big issue.
Daniel is not much of a jammer, he prefers playing a song than just jamming, which I prefer.

So what I realise we've got to do is to make a schedule, with songs to play.
If we have a scheduled band practise, what should we include in 1-2 hours of practise in group?
Of course we should have a warm-up song or two, songs which we go to every practise, simple songs.
Of course, our goal would most likely to be to get up on stage and play a gig at least once, so we need a repetoire of at least 20 minutes of rehearsed songs.
So warm up "go to" songs, and songs to play live is what we need.
Should time be added for "discussing" stuff, or will happen automatic between songs, what works best?

And the last issue, being that we all go to school, we have our own stuff to do, getting three people to come and play will be hard when not everyone is as fully engaged as one person in the band?
What do I, the person who would more or less be the leader of the band, do to get everyone to attend practise?
Should we practise at school on afterhours, which makes sure that everyone is still at school when it's time for practise?

Please, band leading forum. Can I have some advice on how to go by?
I feel like I've not gone anywhere when it comes to creating a band?
Should I become a solo artist if my singing is good enough?

Practise not structured enough, is a solid schedule something to follow?
Cannot localize a free drummer in my town, any ideas on how to find one?
How to get everybody involved in the band? How to make everyone attend practise?
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I just read the 3 issues due to lots of text.

1) make an add on any musical forum of your city/country
2) make regular practice time schedule and follow it
3) get dedicated members
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In a rush, so bulletpoints.

20 minutes of music; ~5 songs, not impossible. Not including dicking around on stage between songs.

Two guitarist; not always necessary. Try one guitarist and a bassist with a fuzz.

Drums; Daniel is an okay drummer? then he is now your drummer. you don't have to be a good drummer to be a good band. Case study; The White Stripes.

Bass and Drums are the 2 easiest instruments to "fake it" on. If you have the equipment, all you need is a warm body.
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IN terms of finding a band, it's seriously all about perseverance.
You have to keep trying, I've been trying since I was 15 to find a band (18 now), I found one when I was 17, but had to settle for playing bass, then the band messed up, I became the guitarist and the lineup got re-organised now we're a tight band.
And as of recent I've been approached by a blues band, and there's a chance of getting into a hard rock covers band.

This is all about just keeping at it. All of these bands pretty much came off online ads, not knowing people, so if you have some contacts it'll be even easier!

But in terms of practices, what my band does is books a set of hours in a studio (usually 2 or 3) then we just take it from there, no structure really needed. We play through our set-list, then focus on the songs we have the most problems in.
This is just our average practice, there is plenty of time to do this stuff whilst having a little break in the middle and chatting a bit between songs.

Also 5 songs is roughly 20 minutes of gig material, that's insanely easy to do! Especially once you and the band get comfortable with eachother musically, you'll eventually get to the point where learning songs becomes insanely easy because you can just bounce off eachother even if you don't know the songs too well!

Anyway, what I'd do on the drummer situation is find a proper drummer (not anything against you friend, but you don't sound too confident in his drumming skills), maybe put your friend on drums for now, but if you find a drummer, get him in, cos if each musician is in their comfort zone you'll all feel a lot tighter as you're doing what you know. If that makes sense.
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If everyone involved enjoys playing, then you really shouldn't have to do much structuring beyond seting up the time and days you practice. also if they are commited to the band you will not need to set up time to discuss things, it will just happen. personally my band talks during smoke breaks, but I really don't recommend picking up this bad habit just so you have time to talk.

as far as being a leader you need to get them to want to show up, so make sure you guys hang out sometimes, and do other things, so practice becomes more like hanging out with your friends. this definately makes it easier to get everyone to show up. also you need to try to keep everyone on track, set goals and whatnot. just remember, not everyone is going to like playing, and if they want to leave, then find someone else to play. there are people out there that will be happy to join, and will show up to practice when ever practice happens.

finally, finding people, you can post ads in the classifieds, hang up fliers, and if you go to your local music shop, there will most likely be some place to post wanted ads for different members.

hope this helped, and have fun with it!
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Here's two approaches about gelling the band that have their own pros and cons;

1. Instead of practice for the first few weeks, just go relax or see a movie or something; eventually get to know and trust the members. They'll then be more willing to come to a practice and maybe more open to accept criticism.

2. Just go complete autocrat on everyone; it gets the job done faster but everyone might hate you if they didn't enjoy the stage experience much.

It's also better, especially if you put up an ad for a member, that you're all into the same genre of music. If you're not, probably the best thing to do would be to vary the setlist so there's something enjoyable for everyone.

As for singing; if you're not confident about singing then you might be better off singing while-guitaring, singing just by itself can be nerve wracking. But singing's more common in schools than bass or drums, if you've got any friends who... I don't know, post vocal covers on youtube, or sing in a church choir or something like that don't hesitate to ask them.
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Thanks everyone, appreciate your answers.
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Put your rhythm guitarist on drums, swap your own guitar for a bass, and play dnb. :P