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I'm playing my first gig where we play a majority of our original songs. We're a 3-Piece punk band made up of 18 year olds and we're playing with 5 other bands and our audience is about the same age group, give or take a few years.

We are playing a 25 minute set, and we are competing to get regular gigs booked in the future (the audience decides).

We figured it'd be a good idea to start with a cover (the only cover that we would play) that would be upbeat and something that 99% of the audience would at least know, this way it could grab their attention for the rest of our set of original songs.

We wanted to play a Green Day song for that cover because in our opinion, they are the most similar to our band's style.

I'd love to play something from the Dookie era, or even older, but I think most of the people my age have really only heard American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown.

Any suggestions on what we should play that would be high energy/upbeat and extremely well known?

What well known, upbeat/high energy Green Day song should we open with for our set of originals?
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