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So my band and I have finally started to write originals, thing is we're a band mainly cause we're friends who wanted to play together (I'm the only dude in the band, I play bass) and we have somewhat different tastes, the lead singer/rhythm guitarist likes pop, the lead guitarist likes indie and grunge, the drummer doesn't really have a preference for any genre (she's really open minded, today on a band meeting she went from listening to Black Eyed Peas to a random blues artist I didn't even know) and I love hard rock in general (from AC/DC to Slayer to Rage Against the Machine).

Thing is we CAN actually write songs but they all come out so different. I mean we have a song that sounds like The Cranberries meets Guns N' Roses, one that sounds like Arctic Monkeys meets Muse, one that sounds like Green Day, one that sounds like Megadeth meets AC/DC... Is this a good or a bad thing? Should we go on writing songs we like however different they are from each other or should we try to find a consistent style? Ever been on a similar situation?

Please discuss.
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that has nothing to do with potpourri, in the musical sense, or the smelly stuff scents. (that pun doesn't work well in words though) still, i am disappoint.

i'd say you should try to get a consistent sound for all the songs, or else the listeners will be really confused. you have to figure out something in the middle ground that works for everyone. maybe try writing melodic pop hooks in all the songs, with heavy hard rock rhythms underneath, and double time punk type drum beats, the way those really high energy pop punk bands use them. and then have super cool hard rock guitar solos. or something like that.
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Do what you guys do. If you like it and enjoy what you're doing, then it's a good thing. Forcing things like a genre is just going to hold you back.
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if it sounds good, do it. i can't stand listening to a cd full of the same song over and over.
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^ Hear-hear! Besides, in a general sense, if you keep going with the fusion route, your music will appeal and be enjoyable to a much wider array or listeners of innumerable musical backgrounds. What's wrong with making more people happy?
It's always enjoyable to me, too, when the songs on an album feature independence and their own personalities and characteristics, rather than all having similar traits and structures.

Write and perform whatever you come up with, which is naturally innovative and interesting by what I gather! Maybe down the track there will be more consistency between songs as you establish a more definitive voice, but that certainly won't happen if you stop experimenting now and immediately limit yourself to one realm of musicality. Keep writing, fusing your influences, performing, and genuinely collaborating together. I can guarantee that any sensible audience wouldn't deny you just because your songs are different, and it would be appreciated more-so, if anything, so long as your musicianship is solid.

As for being in a similar situation, I've written fusions and songs of a bunch of genres, because the idea that popped into my head happened to be from one of those genres. Why deny yourself of a piece of music just because it's different to a set guideline or curriculum you've set? I've dabbled with funk, jazz and fusion, soundtrack, post-hardcore, string quartet arrangements, and a few others - each one was a great experience, and has helped me with different areas of writing - techniques, approaches, the studies I used, orchestration, the lot! I'm writing a lot more soundtrack-esque music right now, but there are definitely traits of prog-rock, jazz fusion, trip-hop, church mode rules and the like. That probably came off as a pretentious rant, but I hope the idea's there.
Having a multitude of influences is a wonderful thing, and integrating those influences into your music is magical, to say the least. You'll only get better as fusing and incorporating those mixed ideas, and as you write and collaborate, you'll enjoy your results more and more, as you write personalized music that will be enjoyable by many.

tl;dr: I'm all for variety and experimentation Go for it!
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Just keep writing. It's common for a new band just starting out to have very different influences and your first batch of songs will probably sound nothing alike. This is natural; as long as you guys just keep playing and writing you'll continue to gel. Eventually you'll have something that NOBODY else does. A band in my city spent five years experimenting with different styles and approaches until they finally found their perfect niche and they KICK ASS.

Summary: Don't be afraid of your differences, embrace them, and keep writing.
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The same people playing the same instruments with eachother will invariably sound the same. You don't have to worry about each song sounding different from eachother, because to the audience they'll sound similar anyway.
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some instrumental demos of our songs are on my profile BTW so you can kinda get what I mean, still there's a couple other ones we haven't recorded yet
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thats that...
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you know tbh after reading your post I don't see a problem, first of all those genres that you all are into are pretty similar it's not like some one only likes death metal and another only likes easy listening etc..... I mean grunge pop indie hard rock are all very similar in style, obviously they aren't exactly the same but they are set up similarly....

also your worried about if diversity in sound is going to hurt you? like for real? listen to a few beatles tracks, or zeplin or queen..... they have some really different sounds that range from mellow to really in your face and everything inbetween.
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Sounds like my band man

Just keep writing. There's nothing wrong with variety. As far as I'm concerned, the mark of a truly great band is one that doesn't confine itself to a box and experiments with different sounds while still maintaining their own unique flavor (most of which, honestly, comes from the vocalist).
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