This EP consists of 6 songs. They are full of counterpoint, repitition, electronics, synths, glitch drums, nature sound effects (some i couldnt put into tux guitar), ect. I used TuxGuitar so the drums will be awkward, but will not affect the sound quality. This EP is still in the early stages of development. Some songs i have posted on here already so sorry about that. Tell me your overall opinions please. I don't demand detailed crits. Anything is appreciated critique wise.

Even with minimal crit, but dont expect a lot if you dont put effort in.


EDIT 2-02-2011

i have a new updated EP (named as comets collide) i have been working on but this stuff is still in the works. thanks.
As Comets Collide.zip
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You like runescape don't you... I like it very much. I think you should really start working with FL studio and really making it happen. Thanks for commenting mine.
Shaping the Stars:

Nice intro with the ocean...the strings part it changes to is kinda weird, not that atmospheric sound I was anticipating at all, but its still okay. The addition of the guitar and the twinklys was good too. The strings part that came in at bar 33 was good, but should be thicker; im sure if you were going to do this legit-ly, you'd use a better sound for the strings. Maybe a violin would sound better, or a combination of the guitar pro instruments. Also, the synth pad 2 or another synth pad underneath could do a lot for this song to have it playing in the background.


Good intro, the bass didnt sound that cool though. Try having it come in when the drums come in? Sounds better that way and then having it turned down a little. Either way, I think that the bass will sound better if you use the Synth Lead (Bass + Lead) instrument instead. I had the same feeling about this strings part that I did in that first song too. The FX Rain was REALLY nice here. And I dont know if its just because I dont usually listen to this genre, but it seems to get a little stale here. Try introducing the piano part and the tremolo strings part earlier? The FX Rain was cool with the delay again. The outro was great! It just needs a chord to end on...I suggest ending on the D5 from bar 69. Overall, good job though.

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i have to agree that this genre does get stale. i listen to a channel on t.v where they play soothing music with nature and almost always there will be an instrument playing the same thing through the entire song and the composer will just layer on top of it. i think i should get rid of the bass and glitch drums in glaciers though
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i have to agree that this genre does get stale. i listen to a channel on t.v where they play soothing music with nature and almost always there will be an instrument playing the same thing through the entire song and the composer will just layer on top of it. i think i should get rid of the bass and glitch drums in glaciers though

I think that the drums and bass sound fine, and save the intro from going on too long. But you can always introduce them a little later on in the song too. If you cut the intro down just a bit, I think it could work without them though. Or maybe (as I would do), just a slower electronic drum beat instead of the glitch drums (thanks for that new term too)
I listened to A fresh start and really liked it! i mean i must say I am a huge critic of this genre but i found it very relaxing the constant vibrophone the whole way through gave it a really cool mood. the delayed guitars added to this experience. The onyl critisicm i would give you is it seemed really repetitive from my ears, like ive read the tabs and its not all the same, but it just seemed the drone on throughout. HOWEVER a very nice piece as I said its calming, i might keep the tab so i can listen everytime i get pissed off
that weird. mainly cause in my mind a fresh start is one of the more crappier pieces. the two i like are glaciers and shaping the stars. i have to agree that it is repetitive. but unless your a prog head, that doesnt have to be a bad thing. do you have anything i can crit please?
Listened to a fresh start.
Incredibly atmospheric, very beautiful. I like the vocal part, really adds to the mellow vibe.
Love the synth in the outro.
All in all not much to stay, very post rockish in ways but also exactly what you wanted, it is atmospheric, soundscapey and electronic!

Also listened to celestial lights.
Fantastic parts at the start, especially the pizzicato. Glitch drums annoyed me but that's midi, sure they'd be fine on a recording.

These are all very well written but this just isn't my sort of music so it's hard for me to crit properly! Every song just seems beautiful and calm and atmospheric!
My songs are all located here .
Feel free to drop by and crit a song.
Leave a link and I'll return a crit

Just listened to New Song. Honestly, though it's not my usual thing, I think it's beautiful. The layering of instruments is really subtle. By that I mean you sometimes don't even notice how many instruments you're hearing even though they can all be heard clearly. Also, the harmonies are brilliant. None of the straight forward 3rd interval parallel stuff. My only bad thing to say is repetition. Or maybe not repetition, but just no movement in the mood of the song. But maybe that's the goal of this style of music (not sure what to call it. That's a good thing though) is to just stay soothing the whole way through. Either way, bravo.
I'm a HUGE fan of ambient music. Not a connoisseur or anything, but I've never out and out disliked any ambient music I've heard. If I'm mistaken in considering this ambient, let me know, but that's the vibe I got from all the tracks, really.

Out of curiosity, is that channel on tv you mentioned Ambient.tv? My service has some of their stuff on demand. Anyway: I'm gonna go song by song, in the order that I'm listening to them.

A Fresh Start: Simple melody, but effective. Lulls you into a trance quickly, as good ambient music should. Only complaint is that sometimes the new instruments come in and pull the listener out of said trance, the main one being the synth that comes in at 'synth enters.'

Celestial Lights: AWESOME. The electronics are much more prevalent here, which is a good thing in this instance IMO. Also, the introduction of new melodies is much less off-setting than in the previous piece. I actually listened to this one twice before moving on to the next one. IMO, the way you can tell a good ambient track from a bad one is how it affects the listener's perception of time.

Frost Covered Forest: The bird tweet is also awesome. I'm really actively listening for problems in all these songs, but I'm not finding any. At this point, I still plan on listening to the rest of these, not so much to add to this crit, but for my own pleasure. IMO, you've got your shit covered in this genre.

Glaciers: Takes a darker turn than the others. The celesta line was off-putting at first because of the change in mood, but once the piece got going, it made sense. Not my favorite so far, but it isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. The only crit I have is the ending. It's sudden, but not in a good way. It doesn't sound finished when it ends.

New Song: Presumably not the final title. :P Loving the piano. About the LAST thing one would expect from a user named Slayer freak. XD The bird tweet track is titled 'I would prefer this to be a thunderstorm,' but IMO, it works fine the way it is. Same problem with the ending. The last note adds tension rather than releasing it.

Shaping the Stars: The pizzicato strings and the discussion so far on this thread definitely called RuneScape to mind. XD Still, a good song, and a good theme to end an EP or album with. It's just too short. Waaaaaaaay too short. Other than that though, it's a good piece.

Very few complaints overall. As you said, it's still in its early stages, so maybe the songs'll have improved by the time they're finished. As it is, though, it's really good, with some minor flaws.
thanks for the crit. it seems not many people have been returning the favour lately. so this is very appriciated. i made this name 3years ago,since then my taste in music has matured a lot. the channel i mentioned was not ambient.tv i have not heard of that but i will look into it. the channel i did mention is a canadian station (as im from canada) and its from a provider called shaw. the station is galaxie nature there is another one called galaxie spa which also plays soothing music. these pieces were inspired by composers and bioacouticians like dan gibson, bernie kraus, donald quan, bradfield, i added my own flare to some of them though.

i would prefer people to tell me what i did wrong over what i did right. due to the fact that i feel i need to improve these songs.

also i dont see how it sounds like runescape music. i play that game it doesnt sound like something i would here in the game, its probably just cause rs uses midi? i dunno
i guess that makes sense, they dont change their music though, they just add more when they add updates to the game. ill try finding a song that resembles these songs. like i said before runescape also uses midi so that might be people think it sounds like runescape music lol
I listened to A Fresh Start. Honestly, I don't have much to say. It's definitely very pleasant to listen to, but at the same time, it gets boring. Maybe it's just because this is a different style than I usually listen to, but I felt like it needed a climax, and yet there was none to be found.

I have kinda of the same opinion of Celestial Lights. I really liked it, and I thought the drums were pretty well done, but there wasn't a climax to it. Also, I hope the lyrics weren't meant to be the centerpoint; sorry, but I found them to have very little content.
This is some pretty nice stuff you got here, its nice to see some different genres on this board rather than all the generic-core. I listened to all of the songs on your ep and I can give a much more detailed crit when I have more time, but the main advice I would give right now is to experiment with some different chord changes, rather then the typical Em to C ones. Those ones sound nice, but it would probably sound even cooler to add in some more unusual changes, like Em to C#m or something.
Dont worry about critting anything back, as I dont have anything up yet :P
honestly this was me experimenting with chord changes, but they all dont follow that pattern, i never though about it so i looked and 2 of the songs go from i- VI (or Em to Cmaj for a particular key) ill try to make the chord changed more original in the future though. thanks
I just listened to Frost Covered Forest, and although it was pretty repetitive for the most part, I really enjoyed it. I found myself gently nodding my head up and down to the drums, and the bird tweet was an excellent addition. I really loved it.

I listened to Glaciers, and it sounds pretty good. I think the glitch drums MAY be too much, but at the same time they seem to fit pretty well. Other than that I see nothing to crit except maybe a couple more different chords, or a section that has a similar chord progression with different chords.

New Song, not much to say about. I liked it, sounds pretty good overall. Everything fits together nicely.

Shaping the Stars, I loved the intro! The music box was a nice touch as well. It definitely feels like there should be more to it though.