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Right, so long story short, I'm finally totally serious about starting a band, but the problem is, it's really difficult to find anyone who is a musician around here (A decent one, anyway). The main thing I need right now is a lead guitarist. Just to get started writing some stuff. I mean, everyone is important, but I'm pretty much sure I'll never fill all the spots. At once, anyway.

So, my question is, how do I go about finding musicians who may be interested??

Any 'sites or anything?
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ask some of your mates. believe it or not, some people don't like to admit their inner music soul.

or you could just post something on facebook.

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Musofinder.co.uk, I found my present drummer there and its vast. They have an american site if youre from that side of the pond
thats that...
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there is a classifieds section on the forums here, you can post something there... also most musicshops allow people to hand up fliers and whatnot to look for other likeminded musicians. and I guess if you are feeling like a great risktaker you can try craigslist.....

also just out of curiosity what part will you play? I'm guessing vocals but I'm just curious.
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You can take on a player of less ability and help coach and craft them.

If you find someone is is good, and can see the potential in them, than your writing with inspire them to practice more and incorrperate project material into exercises. The player will improve and likely be more like the kind of lead guitar player you always wanted.

I've worked this way in several bands and it can work if you are willing to put forth the effort.