This is a work in progress, and is probably not so good, but I'm rather fond of it.

If you drop me a link I'll try my best to match your crit asap.
Cheers guys.

I wake up on a dirty floor,
You can tell from my trousers I've been here before.
I sear my eyes have recorded what I saw,
and are looping it through my head.

Stopping and starting, stranded I stutter,
A grey-gold gunk gathers in the gutters,
And in the protagonists pocket it cluttered,
Stammering hammering, a natter clatter as the Nutter flutters.

Floundering now, and he's blundering how?
Flagged and dragged to the ground,
Bagged and tagged by the hounds,
Who take him back to the start,
and vixens tear out his heart,
Plays the victim, draw him apart,
and his pathway flies like a dart

You get bored or you lose.

I live in a town where the wind don't change,
and the bottle in my hand shows I'm underage.

You're wrong but you are right,
I won't be home tonight.
I'm free but so uptight,
Come in, come in, let out,

I've seen it all before,
A padlock sets my jaw,
You'll never hear me roar.
Get in, let in, let out.

He's sees the home straight and he reckons he's winning,
but an oblong's just a longer way back to the beginning.
The Max Power tools continue to make a din
in his head, his eyes try crying
but he's grinning instead.