Hi all
I started writing something for my band, and I was wondering what people would think of it.
It's a bit melodic black metal'ish with some power metal influences I think. My main influence right now is Graveworm, so you might find some trace of that.
Remember, it's unfinished so (probably) a lot will change, but whatever.

Oh, and C4C ofcourse, just drop a link.

Edit: The song is now finished. There are still some rough edges, but the main idea is there. Please crit!
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As I listen:

Intro: The intro was kickass. Oh, just a tiny detail, but I thought the reverse cymbal should only go for one bar, so it drops out right as the band comes in a badass way. But yeah, the intro was cool.

Verse 1: The build of the synth and the piano was amazing. It sounds very epic right here.

Verse pt. 2: The change was nice, it transitioned well into and out of the regular verse. The song as a whole works SO well. Its great s far, atmospheric, but powerful.

Untitled: Interrupts the flow for a sweet riff. Okay, so the song changes mood here, thats fine. In fact, I think that its good because that whole powerful thing you had going couldnt last the whole song, and you stopped it before it got tiring. The riff was pretty good, but it probably should have been written in 3/4 instead of 4/4 + 2/4. This part almost reminds me of Children of Bodom at the beginning. The strings gave it a really nice sound. I think you should go into another riff, or maybe do numerous riffs, or lots and lots of riffs, and then have some sort of transition and then lead back into the verse to finish the song off. Im thinking kind of like what Mastodon do in The Last Baron, and do it with like 4 sections, the first and the fourth being the same, just add something sweet as an outro, like a guitar solo.

Overall, it has massive potential, I can tell because I enjoyed it a whole lot and I dont even normally like power metal. The verse was great and Id love to hear it as a full-fledged song with that structure above. Itd be kickass man, you should definitely finish it.

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Intro is a solid alternate picking riff, not much to say there. Didn't like the blasts much though.

Verse 1 - Love the keys, and that lead is epic. 10/10 for that particular section.

Bar 34 - Didn't do much for me. Was expecting something a little more interesting than power chords with blasts underneath.

Verse again, works fine. Still as interesting as the first time around.

Next riff is really cool, has a nice folky feel to it. Key change was a smooth transition.

Bar 78 - now that's where blasts sound great imo =). Next riff flowed quite well, but wasn't overly .

Mood change - Chord progression was a little generic. Didn't like the solo at all, sorry. It's all done very well, but it's nothing that hasn't been done a thousand times before.

The rest wasn't bad. My only advice would be play around with your chord progressions a bit more. Your melodies are good, but they aren't always complimented by your rhythm section very well.