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Hey Guys, me and a couple of friends started to form a band. We are going to play Metal/Metalcore or other genres.. we just don´t know yet. So yesterday we had our first band practise and the vocals seemed to be really quiet. My knowledge of PA systems is limited i just wanted to ask if we need a seperate mic (pre?) amp? Currently we are using a cheapo mic a power mixer and some passive speakers. Thanks alot!
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I was at my "local" music store talking to them about PAs before my band got ours, and they said its good to have 1000watts of ss clean power for vocals to compete with a 100 watt distorted tube amp... I doubt 1000watts is the bear minimum but i would say a PA capable of 1000watts and more by adding power amps would be good. I think i remember hearing that 100watts tube = 300watts SS, but im assuming thats comparing 2 distorted amps...

My band has a Passive mixer, a peavey IPR1600 power amp (530W@4ohms-800W@2ohms), and 2 peavey PV2x15 speaker cabs... and Its plenty loud.

If your mixer has some passive outs then you could run 2 more speakers either active or with a separate power amp... If your mixer all ready puts out a good 300-500watts.

you can make do by turning down the guitars, and eqing a little to give the vocals a free space in the mix... but I suggest doing that anyways whether you have high PA wattage or not cause it gets rid of the mud in the mix.
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Without knowing what mixer/speakers and mic you are using it is hard to say if it is set up properly. I assume by powered mixer you mean one which has an amp built in, in which case you ought to be able to get enough volume for practice if everything is working and set up properly. Give us some details and we'll help you out.
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alright.. ill check what model it is and post it as soon as possible