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Then they can get McCartney or Jones or random dude to play with them live but they arent actually in the band.
Astral Weeks
Singer: Remembering Never Singer
Guitar(Lead): Daniel Jacobs (Atreyu)
Guitar(Rythm): Dusty Waring(Between The Buried And Me)
Bass: Les Claypool (Primus)
Drums: Joey Jordison (Slipknot)

I made a really ****ed up band didn't I?
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heres my band!!

vocals- ville valo
lead guitar- buckethead,
rythem guitar- john mayer
drums- jess margera
bass- mark (i froget his last name) from blink 182
oh yeah and michael angelo batio in gutar as well (one fast mother ****er)
vocals: Mike Paton (faith no more)
guitar 1: Dave Mustain
guitar 2: Oz Fox ( Stryper's very underated Guitarist )
bass: Les Claypool
drums: Mat Sorum
back up singers: Dora Pesch ( worlock)and Lita Ford
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Vocals: Jim Morrison
Drummer: Jhon Bonham
Bass: Geezer Butler
Guitar 1: Randy Rhoads
Guitar 2: Jimmy Page
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ummmmm... i rekon this:

Vocals - Freddy Mercury
Lead Guitar - Tommy Emmanuel
Lap Guitar/backup vocals - Ben Harper
Drums - Dave Grohl
Bass - i dunno many bass players but krist novoseli was alrite.

Reasons: ummmm, i coudn't think of a vocalist, and other people said Freddy Mercury and i thought hey yeah he's alrite ey. Tommy Emmanuel is quite simply the most talented guitarist alive, even though he mostly does country, i rekon if you could adapt his style it would sound pretty wicked. Ben Harper is the best lap guitarist ive ever heard, and i thought it would add a difference to the music, and his voice is amazing, also he is a great songwriter so could help alot with that. i dont really know much about bass/drums and dave grohl and krist novoselic are basically the only ones i know, so i threw them in, but the rest of the band would be good, even if they could possibly be improved.
Vocals: Maynard James Keenan (TOOL/APC)
Rhythm Guitar: James Hetfield (MetallicA)
Lead Guitar: Zakk Wylde (Ozzy/BLACK LABEL SOCIETY)
Bass: Lemmy (Motorhead)
Drums: David ???? (KoRn)
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one extra band...

Vocals: Glenn Danzig
Guitar: Tony Iommi
Bass: Jason Newstead
Drums: Ginger Fish
During my most lonesome times I had the opportunity to reflect on who had always been there for me and who never was. I learned then and there that all I have has been in my hands the entire guitars and my music.
Vocals/guitar-Issac Brock(Modest Mouse)
Guitar-Jamie Stillman (The Party of Helicopters)
Bass-Ryan Brannon(the POH)
Guest Vocals- Resurrected Kurt.
Guest Vocals 2-Fat Mike
Guest Vocals 3-Zach De La Rocha
This would be an accident waiting to happen. hahahaaha
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Vocals - Robert Plant
Guitar - David Gilmour
Bass - John Entwhistle
Drums - Chad Smith
lead guitar: angus young - AC/DC
rythm guitar: jimi hendrix ( i know he deserves to be lead but i like angus more) - jimi hendrix experience
bass: sid vicous ( i do realise a seal is more talented) - sex pistols
drums: dave grohl - nirvana/foo fighters/qotsa
vocals: bon scott - AC/DC
yea... i can think of a sig
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Lead Guitar:
Albert Collins
B.B. King
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Would Also Play Rhythm)
Buddy Guy
Johnny Winter
Robert Johnson (Would Also Play Rhythm)
Hound Dog Taylor
They would all play lead guitar, and for every song each guitarist would solo, or compliment each other as one of them soloed, or two would solo at the same time and the others would throw in some tasteful fills and stabs.
Rhythm Guitar:
Stevie Ray Vaughan (Would Also Play Lead)
Robert Johnson (Would Also Play Lead)
Robert Cray
Jimi Hendrix
David Gilmour
They would supply the rhythm as the others soloed. Stevie and Robert would go off soloing when the solos began, though.
Bass Guitar:
Tommy Shannon
Nathan East
John Paul Jones
As usual, they would play bass
John Bonham
Neal Peart
The drummers.
B.B King
Albert Collins
Stephen Stills
They would sing over the songs that werent instrumental.

Albert Collins, B.B King, Stevie Ray and Buddy Guy would be the principal songwriters. Jimmy Page would produce it all.

R.I.P Stevie Ray Vaughan, you are my brother, heart and soul.
Vocals: John Lennon
Lead Guitar 1: Jimi Hendrix
Lead Guitar 2: Jimmy Page
Rythym Guitar: Pete Townshend
Bass 1: Les Claypool
Bass 2: Flea
Drums 1: John Bonham
Drums 2: Keith Moon
Drums 3: Mitch Mitchell

Jimi and Jimmy would play seperate lead parts at the same time and still sound good. Les and Flea would play bass at the same time, with Les doing bass solos and Flea just keeping the rythym. The drummers will all play at the same time (like Slipknot), but there won't be a "lead drummer". All three drummers will play different parts.

IT WOULD BE GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda bends the genres though.
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Vocals & guitar: Zakk Wylde (Pride & Glory, Black Label Society)
Guitar 2: Alexi Lahio (Children Of Bodom)
Bass: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Drums: Vinne Paul (Pantera)
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Vocals : Maynard James Keenan or Chris Cornell
Guitar 1 : Jimmy Page
Guitar 2/Backup Vocals : John Frusciante
Guitar 3 : Slash
Bass : Flea
Drums : Danny Carrey or Bonzo
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Vocals- Roger Daltrey
Guitar 1- Jimi Hendrix
Guitar 2- Jimmy Page
Guitar 3- George Harisson
Bass 1- Les Claypool
Bass 2- Flea
Bass 3 - Matt Bissonette
Drums - *sorry for putting two from one band* Keith Moon
everything i tried to put here is too long
vocals-david johansen
guitar-david gilmour
bass-steve harris
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^for your drummer id do john bonham. thatd sound sweet as hell.
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Guitar 1 - Dimebag Darrel - pantera/damageplan R.I.P.
Guitar 2 - Kerry King - slayer
Guitar 3/lead vocals - Dave Mustain - Former metallica/MEGADEATH
Bass guitar/ bck-up vocals - Jason Newstead
Drums - Joey Jordison
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Vocals - Freddie Mercury
Guitar 1 - David Gilmour
Guitar 2 - Pete Townshend
Keys - Thom Yorke
Bass - Bruce Foxton (The Jam)
Drums - Dave Grohl
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Wow, what an original thread. No one has EVER done a thread this original. Now, my band:
Lead Singer:Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)
Lead Guitar/Vocals:John Nolan (Taking Back Sunday/Straylight Run)
Rhythm Guitar/Vocals:Jesse Lacey (Brand New)
Bass/Vocals:Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday)
Drums/Vocals:Brandon Saller (Atreyu)

putting john, jesse and adam on the same stage at the same time is just asking for someone to turn up dead. probably adam. but if they didn't hate each other it would be awesome.

I'm going to do two:


Lead Vocals/ Acoustic/ Lyricist: Conor Oberst
BG Vocals/ Electric/ Lyricist: Jesse Lacey
Bass: Flea
Drums: Dave Grohl

I've always wondered what it would be like for jesse and conor to sit down together and write a song.

Lead Vocals: Jim Morrison
Lead Guitar: Slash
Rythm Guitar: Joe Perry
Bass: Gene Simmons
Drums: John Bonham
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Guitar/Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Lead Guitar: Chris Poland
Bass/Vocals: Tom Arraya
Drums: Gar Samuelson
Vocals: Dave Mustaine
Rhythm Guitar: Dave Mustaine
Lead Guitar: Yngwie Malmsteen
Bass: Cliff Burton
Drums: Vinnie Paul


Vocals: Bruce Dickinson
Rhythm Guitar: Dimebag Darrell
Lead Guitar: Zakk Wylde
Bass: Flea
Drums: Lars Ulrich
Guitar-Dimebag Darrell
Guitar-Zakk Wylde
Vocals-Phil Anselmo(or Tom Araya in 1985)
Bass-Tom Araya
Drums-Dave Lombardo
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shut up reed-tard, what would disturbed be, more of a heavy metal rather than metal?
Originally posted by count forstula
vocals-robert plant or jim morrison, i cant decide
guitars-jimmy page and jimi hendrix
has anyone seen the sketch on saturday night live when they did something like this? it was a bunch of deceased musicians in heavan. it was

lead vocals-jim morrison
backing vocals-janis joplin
lead guitar-jimi hendrix
rhythm guitar-buddy holly
drums-keith moon
trumpet-louis armstrong

their manager was jesus.

I saw that sketch. I thought it was ****ing hilarious.

Here's my dream band:

Vocals/Rythym Guitar/Songwriting: Dee Dee Ramone (The Ramones)
Lead Guitar: Dr. Know (Bad Brains)
Bass: Paul Simonon (The Clash)
Drums: Lucky Lehrer (The Circle Jerks)
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Vocals - Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Guitar: Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden)
Guitar: Janick Gers (Iron Maiden)
Guitar: Dave Murray (Iron Maiden)
Bass: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
Drums: Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)

Here would be a good band.

Freddy krugar - vocals
Jason Vorhees - bass
Buckethead - lead guitar
Santa - drums

a band of crazy people....
Vocals: Robert Plant
Guitarists: Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour
Bass: Roger Waters
Piano/Backup Vocals: Paul McCartney
Drums: Ringo Starr or Nick Mason
vocals- coverdale/ozzy
lead guitar- scott gorham/Jake E Lee (sooo under-rated)
rhythm guitar- hetfield/stradlin
bass- who cares/meh
drums- ward/sorum
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Vocals- Paul McCartney (mispelled?)
Guitarist- Stevie Ray Vaughn
2nd Guitarist- Jimi Hendrix
Drummer- John Bonham
Bass- That guy from the Who
vocals - Liam Gallagher
Lead Guitar - graham coxan
bass - flea
rhythm Guitar - BoneHead
drums - travis barker
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Vocals: Ace Enders (Early November/I Can Make a Mess)
Guitar/Vocals: Vin Accardi (Brand New)
Guitar/Vocals: John Nolan (Straylight Run)
Bass/Vocals: Adam Lazzara (Taking Back Sunday)
Drums: Travis Barker (Blink 182)
Originally posted by deadhead313313
Vocals: Robert Plant
Guitarists: Jimi Hendrix and David Gilmour
Bass: Roger Waters
Piano/Backup Vocals: Paul McCartney
Drums: Ringo Starr or Nick Mason

1 problem waters and gilmour hate each other
1st Guitar: Jimi Hendrix
2nd Guitar: Eddie Hazel
Bass: Flea
Vocals: Kurt Cobain
Drummer: John Bonham or Ginger Baker