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Hey, I was wondering if you guys had any ideas of a few general places you can get gigs?
My band plays heavy metal (More Sabbath styled then modern), but it seems most places around us only hire bluegrass or NFLD bands.
Are there places that are usually a good bet for hard rock and metal?
Thanks for the help
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usualy bars for the most part. i know where i live theres a local bar venue that has a main stage and a smaller stage for small local bands where shows are free to 5 bucks. all underground music. also i know of a local coffeeshop that always lets local punk bands play free shows. just ask around, i'm sure you can find somewhere in your area. i wouldnt expect to get paid immediately just get a small gig to get your name out there.
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Try booking your own gigs. Go to local bars and see if they've got someone booking for them yet. If so, they'll give you their contact number. If not, welcome to booking.

Also! Get on good terms with every band you play with. Network. Often time when people ask my band to play I ask if there are any open slots and vouch for my friends bands to play.
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Myspace is usually easy if you know where to look, although with the restructuring it might be a bit tenous to try and book there currently. Don't be afraid to drive. As a band you have more power in the venue-band relationship than you might think. If a venue relies on bands for their revenue then they will most likely let most anyone play.
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I don't know how it is around you, but in my area, that kind of music wouldn't go over well at all at the bars. Like someone else said, don't be afraid to drive, personally I'd probably have to drive down to pittsburgh(1.5 hours away) in order to find a place that metal would go over well at.
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Well what if you say is true, open up a music venue which has something other than folk/bluegrass and you'll be rich!

It's amazing with the popularity of other genres of music that someone hasn't thought of this before!
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
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Find a nearby college, there's usually at least a few actual music venues.

Making friends with other bands that play hard rock styles is another great way. Find where they play and tag along, find who's in charge and try and book a show. Also, if you get enough bands house shows are by far the most awesome thing ever.