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Oi UG!
I finally decided to break my shyness and post some of my songs. Here is two that are finished (not that they don't need more work).

First one (vRO) is something I made for my girlfriend. Something psychedelic just like she loves!

Second one is a bit Heavy Metal, little bit simple but effective, I think!

Let's hope you guys will give me lots of feedbacks!
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Its actually quite good i think.

-The intro is well thought out imo, and the lead here is very good.
-bars 17-23 i think should be shortened to four bars
- The next bars 24-32 are very good, i like the lead here.
-The bars after till 50 are kinda dull, but would let the vocals shine.
-51-58 have very good groovy lead work! nice
The re-intro theme is nice and the outro is fine too.

Its good but could be alot better 6/10