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Unfortunately there's no amp or pedal present in this recording. It's only Amplitube VST for both guitars and bass. Thanks!
@Sanantojames Thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed them.
@Taclite Nope, using EZDrummer.
Quote by Sammetry
@Sanantojames Thanks a lot! Really glad you enjoyed them.
@Taclite Nope, using EZDrummer.

Just wondering, because it sounds like the snare is all rimshots.
I only listened to Take This Life (its the only one out of your In Flames that I've heard before). You did a pretty damn good job on it technically with the drums and guitar. Only thing I would say is that the guitars sound a little weak, but on the upside they do sound nice and clear. Great job.
Cheers, bud!
And btw I uploaded a new song - which is Pendulum (feat. In Flames) - Self vs. Self! Please listen and comment.
I checked out a few songs, and I gotta say its all pretty solid Some parts need to be a bit smoother I think, but that'll probably come with more playing

And I agree with everyone else, Take this Life was pretty awesome!
For some reason Self v Self would not load.
Jekll and Hyde is really well done. Love 56seconds in.
Personally I think you should turn up the bass guitar and bass drum a bit, and lower the snare slightly. But thats just my personal opinion.
I find the snare to be too loud.
Thanks a lot bud. Certainly gonna take the drum advices into credit. I think I'll add a mastering VST to drum channel to increase the motion, even tho most of them (like kick and room mic) are maxed out, I think mastering can improve it.
Snare sound sucks, imho. Gonna try to change that to something with more sense.
Thanks again, for the lovely comments!
Bullet Ride and The Jester Race, you say. Well I'll record them surely, as I adore those masterpieces.
Thanks for your comment.
Cheers to you both! Certainly appriciate your time for checking them out and commenting. @Django-vL Np, bud! Keep up the good work!
This is the second time today I've seen this song come up...but before today I had never heard of this song. Just listened to the original and holy shit why have I not heard this song?? Anyways....listened to yours right after and excellent! Performance was spot on...and production was nice and crisp. Just throw some vocals over this and I wouldn't know this from the original haha.

Oh whoops...I was talking about Self vs Self...ft in flames
Thank you very much for the encouraging comments. Glad you enjoyed your time listening to it!
Pretty awesome covers, man. Sounds pretty much flawless to me and I dig your tone.
Id say the guitars sound a little weak aswell, you dont dub the guitars i guess? but as said before they are nice and clean wich is really good, and i like the production, good job!
Great playing! I too am really digging the In Flames stuff. All of these songs you have sound great. My only complaint is the drums don't sound nearly powerful enough for metal in my opinion.
Thanks for everyone's creative comments. My band is currently under an album recording period. But whatever time I can spare on my own recordings is going for fixing the bugs that're existent. I think I've managed to clear some out.

So I recorded a teaser for a lovely song again. Please check it out if you have time. Thanks!
I only checked out the first track, but it sounds really good! I like Good mix too, i think the snare may be a little loud tho. But yea awesome job!
Oh my god, Solution .45, James LaBrie, In Flames and Mors Principium Est, wow man!

I absolutely adored Cleansing Rain, it was totally perfect, although the snare seems to be a tad loud. The mixing is very well done, good quality overall.
I'm very impressed, cheers for the crit!
Loved Cleansing Rain, Gravitational Lensing, Abnegation and Self vs Self so far, very good job on those, and very tight playing. Are the guitars double or quad tracked btw ? And you could do some eqing and compression on the snare to make it a bit snappier, a little bit more presence on the guitars, you're very good to go.

Also listened to Square Nothing while typing this, loved that too, especially the clean guitar.

Damn well done bro!
*chugga chugga chuggity chug chug chug*
Thanks everyone for creative comments!

The guitar tracking is changing song to song. Since I don't have that great PC and soundcard, I do not overtrack them - giving up from strength of overdrive sounded better than giving up from clean and easy hearing.

Thanks again and I'll definitely give these advices a go!
I was really suprised to find out the Cleansing Rain from Mors Principium Est! Really good choice. I would maybe lower the snare a bit. Not much, only a bit

Who's song is the Gravitational Lensing? Yours? It sounded catchy also!

Ouyea, listened Windowpane too. Didn't expect vocals on that one
One word: Perfect.
Wow dude, gotta say you have some pretty awesome covers here. Props on singing Windowpane by Opeth, I only wish I could sing as good as you. Square Nothing sounds great too. I think the drums on Take This Life sound a little too fake, but really there is not alot to critique here. Keep making covers, good stuff!
Thanks for your comments, guys. @Leizka: Gravitational Lensing is Solution .45's song. Ex-Scar Symmetry vocal Christian Alvestam sings there now. Fascinating band, check it out.

For obvious purposes, I do not share my own material online.
Good recordings man, your playing is spot on for the rhythms and picking. Good guitar tone too, get some real drums in there and start writing some music man!
Hi there. Thanks for your feedback on my master of puppets piano cover I listened to your Opeth - Windowpane cover and I was really surprised. Amazing! Really good job! I absolutely loved it. Keep 'em coming!!
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