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Cheers guys! Frankly, I have my own music just do not publish it under my name

And please make sure to check out my new recordings. And one more on the way, you can listen to teaser now!
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Very good recordings man, I'll have to get my hands on Ez drummer now.. pretty realistic sounding. What program did you use for the guitar tones and recording? All in all good job man and thanks for the crit!
Thank you bud. Learning new stuff in each try - getting better, so to speak. EZ Drummer is really solid but apparently I couldn't use it to its fullest.

I switched to Addictive Drums a while back; finding it way easier to use and better toned. Give it a shot.

I use Guitar Rig 4 and Amplitube 3.x for guitar tones. Amplitube results better with gain apparently but you need a nice noise suprrasser (I use NS-2) if you're boosting clean guitars digitally, like I do. And Guitar Rig has incredible results with clean guitars and rack effects!

Thank you for listening and commenting as well!
Hey mate, thanks for your comment!
I checked a couple of your covers and everything sounds quite solid and impressive to me. The sound quality is amazing, good job, all of the tracks sound awesome, your playing is pretty tight as well, I can't hear any major mistakes. And I personally love your tone, haha. Keep going lad, these are awesome!
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