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Hey guys. I don't normally attempt to go for a certain genre. Usually I try to be as original as possible and write GP's based on guitar riffs that I play often. This time I wanted to take a stab at deathcore/groove metal. I listen to lots of AJFAC/Whitechapel/Ion Dissonance/The Acacia Strain and that's the sound I was going for this tune. Except for the Melodic section near the end. That just sounded cool lol

Let me know what you think

C4C of course
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Its pretty good but I feel riff 5 isnt really needed except its very last bar which is cool.

Please take a look at"how to continue this piece" if you can.
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i kinda like what you did there. i mean its been years since i've been into stuff like that but i can imagine hearing it on real instruments and it would sound wonderful. my only problem is that melodic part. ITS GODDAMN AMAZING, why don't you take that and write its own song off it, i absolutely loved it. as far as the other parts of the song go, you could use a little variation here and there, take like an hour to just sit there and listen to it repeatedly and hear the stuff you want to do with it to have it really just grab the interest of the listener and rip them into the song by their ear holes. but altogether, its a nice a clean cut STAB at what you were trying to do and it works pretty well, although, thinking about it, you may just kinda, a little bit, wanna clean up those solos, no offense, but they're a little bit sloppy even for deathcoremetaltechstuff.

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Its very well written, i agree with the above poster, riff 5 is kinda random but the last bar could be used for something.
I really like the main riff alot, and the incorporation of it multiple times.
All the solos were excellent, except i really didnt like the dissonance that much in the first one, but i just dont like much dissonance period.
The melodic section is probably my favorite part.
All the other riffs are very solid.

Overall 8/10
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I agree with most of the others, riff 5 seems very out of place but overall an entertaining piece.

Reminds me of Ion Dissonance a lot.

lol, just read that you like ion dissonace
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Well, like all things hardcore, the rythm section is rather boring. For me the song starts at the melodic section. from then on, everything fits together as a ****ing puzzle, really amazing stuff. And I ****ing loved that litle fill.

I don't really like deathcore and stuff like that, so I can't give you a decent feedback, but it is well written and, like it was said already, riff 5 is really random in there xD. Good job mate
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I lol'ed.

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thanks guy for all the feed back!!! I really liked riff 5 and thought it was a nice change of pace LOL but this is why we crit and tell ppl when their brilliant ideas are not so brilliant. Due to everyone saying that the melodic section owns and should be its own song I'm going to take it and make a new song with it. Should be up soon!
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This song is very groovy. The only band you mentioned that I like is Whitechapel, I can see some resemblance. The melodic section stands out to me, and I think it makes this song very memorable. I couldn't write as heavy as this is, since I'm not a fan of 2-1-0 kind of riffs, but that's just my taste. This was very well written, and with good vocals, it would blow my mind.

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